Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Northern Sector by Akindele Akinyemi

Dr. Carol Weaver wants to represent the 7th District for State Representative in Detroit, which encompasses parts of Detroit’s Sherwood Forest, University District, Palmer Woods, Green Acres, The Avenue of Fashion and even the Davison and Livernois area. While many candidates in her race will focus on the nice areas of the district Carol recently held a meet and greet in a less than attractive part of the district.

The North End of Detroit.

This is an area that has been forgotten by most candidates who run for state representative in the 7th district. In fact, at her meet and greet at Mr. Mapps Lounge this past Saturday there were a number of supporters and grassroots activists who flooded the area with Dr. Weaver's literature. I, personally, walked with Carol into the neighborhood going door to door and listening to the residents testimonies. Resident after resident they felt hopeless because they have been ignored for so long. After listening to Carol's platform for change they vowed to support her.

In the midst of her campaign this weekend, Carol's calls to overturn Lansing's current state of affairs sound familiar to nearly anyone who has ever encountered a political candidate, but her delivery does not. Dr. Weaver speaks in didactic, if passionate, prose that seems more at home in the most neglected neighborhoods in the district than focusing her energy on those who have it made. When Carol is not engaged in door knocking, glad-handing, fund-raising, or other campaign-related politicking, she’s strategizing on how to bring economic development in these areas through rebuilding families and giving our children hope.

Carol has acknowledge the fact that in order to bring back the North End in her district we need to apply common sense in economic development. Micromanaging does not work in business, and it does not work in government. We are strangling our small businesses, our natural resource industries, our schools and our rural counties and communities with excessive and ill-fitting regulation. We are ceding control of our property and our communities to unelected bureaucracies. We need to get the responsibility for developing and administering legitimate regulation back to the level closest to the issues and bring common sense back to government. Carol knows that a strong economy supports family choices and the ability to send students to school ready to learn, or to home school successfully.

Carol knows that children are the key to our future. Presently, she is working hard to ensure our schools lead the nation in academic excellence by giving local control back to the schools and is fighting to get more educations dollars in the classroom.

The new way forward for our towns means more jobs, and less divisiveness. The 7th district is a very wonderful district, and yet, each precinct faces significant challenges. These include preserving our great schools, making smart choices about the environment, improving our public works infrastructure, balancing commercial growth with our semi-rural character, and preventing the seemingly unavoidable annual increase in our property taxes.

At the state level, we face a growing need to keep companies and jobs in Michigan. This means finding the right balance on taxes and regulation for businesses, to preserve fairness and enhance competitiveness. It means having towns where the district's best and brightest want to live, so that our city and state remains a haven for the best universities, emerging technologies, and evolving health care solutions. The North End will become that new emerging economy once Carol is elected as state representative.

We don’t have these qualities now in the current state representative,as well as those other 16 candidates who are running against Carol Weaver. However, with your help, we can open the door to new ideas, new funding, new solutions for our towns, and more jobs for our state. As the only candidate running for state representative with a concrete plan for educational reform, and as the only candidate with an international business background that will help us connect Detroit and Michigan with emerging markets all over the globe, Carol Weaver is the best candidate for not just for District 7 but for Michigan, as she represents a new way forward toward a better future.

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