Thursday, May 15, 2008

Obama in Grand Rapids: Bipartisan BBQued B.S.!!! by I.C. Jackson

Oh my God, I'm so mad right now I could spit.

I can't believe that people are falling for this crap. I understand that everyone isn't a conservative Republican like me, and that's okay. Even if you are a true Democrat, you HAVE to know that you are being taken for a ride.

John Edwards just left the stage after promising the Iraq War would be ended in 2009. Are you stupid or crazy? War is VERY complicated, and a country's actions in international conflict have SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES!!! You don't just pull out because Granny wants to see JohnBoy!!! Oh my GOD! I don't like the war, either, but I know enough about LIFE and COMMON SENSE to know that you just don't stop fighting becuase you don't like it.

The kind of reperucussions that come from such childish, emotional solutions will cripple us as a nation when the next 9/11 type terrorist attack takes place...

And now Obama is recapping the socialist lies and propaganda that Edwards spewed out. Oh my God...

No one who works should ever want. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Everyone who works is not fiscally responsible! Most poor proplr are poor because of what they have and have not done in their lives, not because of the big bad Republicans. You have to be an idiot or an emotional basketcase to buy into this mess.

OH MY GOD!!!! He is telling people that they will never want under his leadership! "We can do this!"

THAT IS A SATANIC LIE!!!! Didn't JESUS say that the poor you will have with you always? Do you know why he said that? Because, among other reasons, there will always be people who are trifiling, ignorant, and irresponsible. Everybody isn't, but enough are to where you can't make blanket statements like these Democrats are making unless you are a LIAR!

You really don't see this?

He's promising people free money!!! Oh my GOD!!! He's telling people, "We can do that!" Free savings accounts with money in them, tax cuts (from the party that raises taxes every time you turn around), universal health care (which doesn't work - pick up a history book and an international newspaper), and anything else you want! John Edwards promised that all of these magical blessings are possible while Obama is in office. THAT IS A LIE!!!!!!!!

If you say you read the Bible and you listen to this crap and believe it, I question your intelligence or your integrity. You either don't read it as much as you say you do or you don't understand it yet.

How can I say that?

I can say that because if you can't tell that this is the biggest pack of lies ever perpetuated upon the American people, then something is wrong with or deficient in your understanding.


Only 1 of 2 things will happen if Obama is elected: either his childish views on politics and reality will screw the country up for years, or, the more likely thing, he will pacify you for 8 years, talking about how change is coming when it's really not because his big white teeth are not magic wands that change the realities of life just because they shine their light on your TV screen.


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Jgillman said...

Thanks for keeping us up.

Edwards is as socialist as it comes.. with other peoples money.

Obama is totally playing people with his promises.

And you are SO right that your personal life decisions have more to do with your economic place, than the success of another whom you might envy.

Good call.

Ashby said...

Stop being so god-damned simple minded. This is one thing that IRKS me about white people and I hate to see you, a black female, walking down the same path.

Can we AT LEAST have a bit more complexity to the discourse?

Or just shut the hell up.

Thank you.