Saturday, May 31, 2008

Obama Is Spitting On Detroit by Akindele Akinyemi

I am curious to know from the Michigan Democratic Party why Sen. Barack Obama is speaking in a auditorium at Troy High School this coming Monday in Troy, Michigan when his prime base is right here in Detroit? Obama has ignored Detroit several times now and he shows no signs of coming into the city no time soon to rally his base. Troy is not even a Democratic city, it is a Republican city with Republican leadership. Is Obama trying to reach out to Republicans for votes?

If anyone can turn out the vote for Obama in Michigan it's Detroit. But Detroit is being left out of the equation when it comes to Sen. Obama's Audacity of Hope. He said "Yes We Can" to a rally in Grand Rapids and even gave his time to a plant in Macomb County where he made passes to a television reporter by calling her "sweetie."

But he has neglected Detroit.

If I was supporting Obama, as a Republican, I would turn the other cheek and NOT support him now because I strongly feel that our city needs direction from a federal perspective. Perhaps Sen. Obama is not aware of the turn around Detroit is trying to make. Our city has a very long way to go and our leadership must change is we are going to be serious about creating financial markets similar to what you see overseas in the Four Asian Tigers.

Detroit has plenty of potential to become the next financial market. The dollar could make it's turn around here if we learned to tap into uncharted markets such as green technology, high speed rail and redeveloping brownfields in our city. Educational choice must be high on our emergency list as well as utilizing resources such as solar panel technology (which we could utilize in Detroit and the rest of Wayne County) and hydroelectricity. Since we live right by Lake Erie, the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair we could utilize hydroelectricity as a form of hydropower. It produces no waste, and does not produce carbon dioxide which contributes to greenhouse gases.

Detroit can embrace the free market by creating a green market to help move a struggling economy. We hear Obama talk about green but why is not educating green technology where it hurts our residents in Detroit. The city is home to the largest incinerator in North America where harmful gases destroys plantlife and is very harmful for children. Asthma is high in these areas where children live and go to school.

The field of green technology encompasses a continuously evolving group of methods and materials, from techniques for generating energy to non-toxic cleaning products. Again, we hear Obama giving sound bites but why are you talking to people in Troy, MI where the air is clean?

To me, it sounds like Obama is taking the Black vote for granted just like how the Democratic Party continues to take Black people vote for granted. No urban mayor in Michigan (other than Brenda Lawrence of Southfield) has really come out to stomp and support him. If they do support him they are very quiet about it.

Young people are excited about Obama is running for President and I will not take that away from them. But even our young adults must ask this question. How come Obama has not come to Detroit? Our city sits on an international waterway, links up between two nations and have the potential to generate an economy that will put the Big Three out of business. Yet, Obama is nowhere to be seen.

What I see is this. If Obama does not come to Detroit soon we may have the following scenarios. (1) people will vote for Obama or (2) people may quietly vote for John McCain out of pure frustration. Only time will tell whether or not Obama is serious about helping Detroit become an economic engine for North America or he is just promising hope.

So I hope this message gets out to let the world know that you still have options come November other than Obama.

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