Saturday, May 31, 2008

Two Nations Coming Together for Sheila Dapremont by Akindele Akinyemi

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District 6 has been Ground Zero for change and I thank God for Sheila Dapremont who is running in this race. One thing Detroit needs is a family woman who is committed for change and grassroots activism. I know for a fact that this is one sister who will not scratch ANYONE'S BACK OR BEHIND for anything. Anytime two of the strongest nations come together (I'm speaking about Maurice Badgett and Akindele Akinyemi...myself of course) for one common cause it is because our city is in deep trouble and we want to put our differences aside as Democrats and Republicans and come together as troubleshooters. When you have Sheila being back by a grassroots network mixed with 21st century ideas and visions you have State Representative Sheila Dapremont.

Sheila Dapremont understands that in order to bring about change and real reform in both Detroit and Michigan, we must let our voices be heard in the voting booth. We must end the practice of recycling returning career politicians to office and start electing people who will actively change the way business is done in Lansing. I have no clue why Ajene Cheeks Evans is running for office. It's time out for the family and friends plan in both Detroit and Lansing.

Her candidacy is a natural extension of the Grassroots mission - replacing recycled career politicians with energetic, effective leaders who can deliver change instead of just talking about it.

I'm asking you to join both Sheila and I on this mission to improve state government and return honor, dignity and integrity to the halls of our State Capitol. Good government begins by electing people willing to actually follow the rules We the People have laid out for them in the Constitution. Only then can we trust that they are looking out for our best interests in other areas.

Public service is exactly that - service to the public. Sheila pledges to honor the Constitution, actively seek to improve state government and humbly serve the people of the 6th district in Detroit.

However, there are some who is running against her in the 6th district that are practicing one of the most despicable and desperate attempts in memory to employ the politics of personal destruction in an effort to salvage her campaign. Personally, I am appalled that some of her opponents would stoop so low by going around telling people that she does not live in the district when we all know that this is fabrication. There is no doubt that she runs a very aggressive campaign but have never strayed from limiting the discussion to the community.

For many years, Sheila have always dedicated her life and most of my free time to restoring integrity to government not just Detroit and Wayne County but Michigan. She have done so as a volunteer and have exhausted a lot of my own resources on the effort. That her results have irritated numerous people in positions of power is no big secret, but she will continue along the same path if the voters of the 6th district see fit to elect her in August. Anyone who is fighting to stop water shutoffs, quality education in a 21st century world and restore families in our city will get my support.

Sheila have seen what the unsustainable and out-of-control rise in health care costs is doing to both businesses and families alike in her community. Increasingly, businesses are caught between doing the right thing or doing the affordable thing when it comes to providing health coverage to their employees. Too often, businesses either cover insurance needs at the expense of wage increases or they are forced to shift more of the costs onto the employee.

The system is broken and we're all getting the short end of the stick not just in District 6 but regionally and statewide.

Her campaign is door-to-door and neighbor-to-neighbor because she feels that we are not going to get a fair debate in Lansing as long as the entrenched special interests continue to control the conversations.

To enact change will take leadership. Leadership that isn't afraid to make tough decisions based on facts, not rhetoric, regardless of the political consequences.

Many in her district think we ought to get back to basics in this state. Safe neighborhoods and good schools. Financial transparency and incentives for government agencies to save money and reduce waste. Local control over local resources. Pragmatic solutions to real concerns like health care. Economic growth. Creating real opportunity for our citizens.

It's easy to say you're an advocate for reform. It's much more difficult to successfully do something about it and make things happen. Sheila has a track record of doing something about it and intend to continue doing something about it after she is elected to the Michigan House of Representatives.

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