Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The War In Michigan by Akindele Akinyemi

The war on leadership has started here in Michigan. Yesterday was the filing deadline and here are the people who I would like to support this year for office. I based my decisions on accountability, integrity and trust.

United State Senate Race

The U.S. Senate race between incumbent Carl Levin and State Representative Jack Hoogendyk should make an interesting match. People here want Levin to stay on office but I think it is time for a serious change of direction in Michigan. Jack Hoogendyk is my clear choice because he is for educational options, family values and REAL economic development.

Jack Hoogendyk feels that the U.S. Department of Education should be abolished. He feels that there is no evidence that the billions spent on public education at the federal level has resulted in any improvement in test scores of overall achievement by children in public schools. Personally, he supports my efforts to bring theme based charter schools to Detroit.

This is ONE Republican who stands for the core principles our country was founded upon – less government, low Taxes, and individual responsibility while Carl Levin believes in the direct opposite. Southeast Michigan should begin to ask which America are they following....the one founded by the Constitution or the one founded by the Democratic Socialist of America.

United States Congressional Races

7th District

The war between incumbent Congressman Tim Walberg and State Senator Mark Schauer should be an interesting one. Mark Schauer believes the federal government can play a role in helping with this problem by increasing financial aid making the dream of higher education achievable for everyone. In other words pouring more money into education with dismal results. Congressman Walberg supports education tax credits and scholarships so all families will be able to choose among public, private, and alternative school settings the best education available. Not to mention that Congressman Walberg understands that tax relief, not more government spending, increases economic growth, creates jobs, and raises incomes. Tim Walberg receives my support.

9th District

The war between Congressman Joe Knollenberg and Gary Peters should be one for the ages. Peters is a puppet for Gov. Granholm. Knollenberg, on the other hand, should return to Washington to continue his good work for the district. Anytime the Democratic National Central Committee asks a lottery commissioner to run for office we know they are desperate. I am not worried about Jack Kervorkian entering the race either. My nod goes to Joe Knollenberg.

13th District

Finally, the war comes to the streets of Detroit. Incumbent Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick is up against State Senator Martha G. Scott and former State Representative Mary Waters. While Cheeks-Kilpatrick is putting up billboards all over the 13th district her image has been tarnished by her son's blundering of Detroit as a mayor. However, Waters and Scott are not polished enough to be federal legislators and I am concerned about the agenda of Scott. I am supporting the Republican nominee for office Ed Gubics. While the other three women on the Democratic side are against educational options for children Ed Gubics supports educational options in the 13th district. He is also pro-life and do not believe in taxing the hell out of residents in the 13th district. Detroiters MUST support Gubics for Congress this year.

14th District

This race feels like a nuclear device has been dropped on the residents of the 14th district as longtime incumbent John Conyers will go up against race pimp and hustler Rev. Horace Sheffield. Conyers will try to hold on to his tenure as the Dean of the CBC while Sheffield is running to support his corrupt friend, Mayor Kilpatrick. I am not supporting neither one of these fools.

State Representative Races

1st District

Six Republicans and five Democrats are running for this seat. I have not picked which Republican I am going to support but we cannot let former Wayne County Commissioner Christopher Cavanaugh get in office.

5th District

State Rep. Bert Johnson will have a rematch with Detroit School Board Member Terry Catchings and Shahab Ahmed from Hamtramck. Catchings is trying to win the seat to protect the Detroit Public School funding. Therefore, we cannot allow him to go to Lansing for that he will turn the clock back on charter schools. State Rep. Bert Johnson will get the nod from me.

6th District

This race should be interesting. You have Mayor Kilpatrick's cousin Ajene Evans running in his mother's seat (State Rep. Marsha Cheeks). You have former State Rep. Fred Durhal running again. But take a closer look at grassroots activist Sheila Dapremont and Brian White. Both are great candidates but Brian White may stand out in the pack. Stay tuned. I know for one thing, we do not want the same recycled leadership in Lansing.

7th District

The largest race in the state is taking place right here in Detroit. 17 people are running for office. While former school board member Margaret Betts and current school board member Jimmy Womack are running to support a failing school district like Detroit Public Schools you have fallen and corrupt State Senator Henry Stallings running one more time. All three do not support educational options. Mary Sheffield, the daughter of Horace Sheffield, is running in this race. She lacks the charisma and policy experience to run. She will not be taken seriously. Michelle Gibson is supporting the Detroit Federation of Teachers so we know that she is running on behalf to save a failing school district as well as cut more funding for charter schools. So we know Michelle Gibson, Jimmy Womack and Margaret Betts are trying to go to Lansing to turn the clock back on charter schools, therefore, we cannot allow them to go to Lansing. Brenda Goss Andrews is running one more time as well. Al Williams has been hitting the pavement but his platform is very shallow. Of course, I have already endorsed by #1 pick Dr. Carol Weaver. She is the most qualified and balanced candidate in the race. She supports educational options, economic development that will help Detroit compete into a 21st century financial market and understand that families must be rebuilt in our community. But do not sleep on the other heavyweight candidate in the race Terra DeFoe. Terra will gain the mass support of the faith based community as well as the business community both in-county and out-county. Her platform is very similar to Dr. Weaver and yes she will give Carol a run for her money. At the end of August 5, 2008 Dr. Weaver will be on top of District 7.

District 8.

With Robin Dillard out of the race there is no one qualified to run against State Rep. George Cushingberry. Therefore, this tax and spend liberal will serve his last term in office (thank God).

District 9

State Rep. Shanelle Jackson has made strives for her first term in office. John George of the Motor City Blightbusters is running against her. I have no clue why he is running for state representative when I thought they were friends. However, State Rep. Jackson will get my support.

District 11

Detroit School Board member and anti-charter school advocate Annie Carter is trying to get elected to protect funding for the Detroit Public Schools. She will not win. I wonder why Anthony Bradford, who lives in Southfield, is carpetbagging again trying to win a seat. Mia Grillier brings a fresh approach to the policy process and Kim Meeks is back in action once again. But I want to see what Gary Pollard is going to do. Gary knows this district inside out and will help bring some stability to the Michigan Legislative Black Caucus. But my biggest fear with Gary is that he was Chief of Staff for State Sen. Irma Clark-Coleman, who is anti-charter schools 100%. Will Pollard follow that route? We shall see.

District 12

This should also be a great race as people will be going to war in Southwest Detroit. This is a very large Hispanic population down here and is the only part of Detroit that is growing. Former State Representative Belda Garza is trying to get her seat back after a stunning 2002 upset by State Rep. Steve Tobocman. I guess she wants her pension. Carl Ramsey is running again for office but his candidacy will be hurt deeply by his dying support of Mayor Kilpatrick. The BEST candidate in this race is Denise Monroe Hearn. Denise Hearn knows how to work BOTH sides of the political aisle, understands environmental racism in Southwest Detroit and how to defeat it and can rally community support to create change in her community. A tireless advocate for fighting adult illiteracy here in the city of Detroit Hearn is dedicated for enhancing education in our community.

15th District

State Rep. Gino Polidori has been targeted for recall for voting to raise taxes in Dearborn and the rest of Michigan when people are struggling to put gas in their tanks. Therefore, Polidori has to go. Let's replace him with J. Scott Saionz of Dearborn who can utilize his engineering skills to help create economic development in Dearborn without breaking the bank of taxpayers dollars.

23rd District

Linda Harmon of Grosse Ile will get my full support in this race because she supports educational options. A former educator Harmon will help support legislation that will benefit families and the economy here in Michigan. I don't see too many people in her race that believes in the same thing she does in terms of fiscal responsibility and family policies.

34th District

It is a crisis that State Rep. Brenda Clack is term limited and former Mayor Woodrow Stanley is running for her seat. No one in this race can help bring back Flint. We have to begin developing true leadership in the City of Flint.

35th District

I am looking at the Southfield races. I will have to keep watching this one.

43rd District

Of course my support is going to Gail Haines of Lake Angelus and no one else. One of the strongest supporter of educational options in Michigan she will make a great choice for State Representative. A former educator, Gail knows what it will take to properly appropriate funds to the classroom and not the MEA or any other interest group.

45th District

There are six people in this race and Tom McMillin of Rochester Hills will get the nod from me. A strong educational option proponent McMillin will win his seat and go to Lansing to fight for charter schools in Michigan. McMillin is a staunch conservative, believes in traditional family values and would like to see Michigan become a family state once again.

Wayne County Clerk

I never had a problem with Cathy Garrett so why should I stop here now?

Wayne County Commissioner Races

7th District

Anyone who is supporting Commissioner Burton Leland on OUR taxpayer's dollar is foolish. Here is someone who do not even live in Detroit and has been playing with our lives for over 20 years dating back to the State House and Senate. I an fully supporting Monique Baker McCormick. Here is someone who actually lives in the district, wants to support families in the district, wants to stop foreclosures in the city and has a vision that no one can match.

8th District

People have been asking me to run against Alisha Bell for two years. Why would I do that? Therefore, she will get my support.

Oakland County Races


Sheriff Mike Bouchard has 4 Democrats and 1 Republican running against him. After his dismal performance for U.S. Senate in 2006 against Debbie Stabenow and failing to win his own county in that race this makes him very vulnerable for re-election. But who can ignore what Bouchard has done for the county? Give him 4 more years.


Ruth Johnson gets my nod in this race. Period.


This is a hard one. Mayor Brenda Lawrence has been transforming the City of Southfield for 7 years. But this is one race she should not be involved with. I would have liked to see her run for the open seat in Southfield for State Representative. L. Brooks Patterson has been moving Oakland County towards greatness for 16 years. He created Automation Alley, a marketing campaign to brand the region for high-tech manufacturing. He also created the emerging sectors initiative, which recruits new business from growth sectors. The effort is responsible for more than $1 billion in new investment over the past four years, which created more than 11,000 jobs and retained another 3,200. Therefore, I MUST go with L. Brooks Patterson on this one.

County Commission

District 6

There are 6 people in this race. Thee Democrats and three Republicans. None of them can withstand Jim Runstead. Jim is a person who is dedicated to his constituents. While we have pretenders in this race Jim is a person of his word when it comes to supporting local control over community schools, improving the quality of life and helping build an emerging sector in Oakland County. Therefore, we need to run with Jim Runstead in 2008.

District 14

Gov. Jennifer Granholm and the Oakland County Democratic Party wants this seat bad. There are four Democrats running in this in this race. However, they will not knock off Commissioner Mike Rogers because he is a Black Republican. They cannot knock off one of the most polished legislators in Oakland County, the State of Michigan and the entire country. Mike Rogers understands the importance of emerging sectors and making the county compete for jobs in the global market. Because Granholm wants to target this seat there is no way that the Democrats are going to remove someone who supports my full vision of education reform in the county and region. Therefore, Mike Rogers get my full support for re-election.

District 15

I am looking at the Democratic side of this race as I support Todd White for County Commissioner. Todd has a grasp of business principles that will help boost the economy of Oakland County.

Well there you have it. The major races. My take on it. This is an all out war here in Michigan. Not to mention that Obama will be here today in Michigan to begin his campaign run here in the state. The Obama and McCain wars are coming here to Michigan. We will see who is on top both in August and November.


RightMichigan.com said...

Great recap... especially the Commission races. Awesome to have a local perspective addressing these issues this early.

That 13th Congressional... and the 14th... wow. Those could be fun.


Akindele F. Akinyemi said...

Yes sir....stay tuned.