Friday, June 27, 2008

Welcome To Weaverland by Akindele Akinyemi

The Covenant for Detroit is necessary due to the crisis that has taken root here in our city. Leadership is critical if we are able to transform our economy here in Detroit. We should know by now that recycled failed policies will not bring Detroit back into world greatness. Therefore we have to bring the Covenant to a place that we call.....


It is the duty of every man, woman and child to support Carol Weaver for State Representative in District 7 because of the dying leadership that has covered our city. A new civilization is necessary to make Detroit a global competitor again in the financial market.

Detroit is still caught in the factory model of thinking. Everything is mass-produced by centralized, hierarchical, bureaucratic institutions. Most of our known ways of manufacturing things, of education, of finance, and of government, are based on factory model principles. We have a failed city and state government that try to make rules for everything and run things from one place. We send our kids to learning factories where they are all treated the same and spit out as standardized products.This is why Detroit Public Schools have failed our children. This is why our Detroit City Council is the joke of the town. The Detroit Delegation in Lansing is stagnant. We vote by name recognition because we are too lazy and too illiterate to research the candidates.

This is why we are dying in our city without ever seeing prosperity.

Weaverland is a system that has embraced the Covenant for Detroit to repopulate families in the city. It is not based on a factory model but based on a information system. Weaverland is driven in part by the increased speed of everything, the increased inter-connectedness, and vast amounts of information. Information is increasingly becoming more important than physical goods.

Old Detroit (the factory model of leadership) institutions are failing to keep up with Covenant for Detroit. Both city and state governments and centralized mega-corporations and educational institutions and mass-media are largely unable to keep up with the speed things are developing at. And to that degree they are failing.

The Covenant, under a Carol Weaver administration, is represented by smaller teams, flexibility and ability to change, reduction of overhead, just-in-time principles. The core principles are key in the Covenant for Detroit.

Old Detroit institutions will not voluntarily give up control, even when they are failing to deliver what is needed. There is therefore a struggle between Old Detroit and the Covenant institutions, which leaders such as Carol Weaver will unescapably win in the end.

In Old Detroit politics there was the idea of the "majority". If we let the most people choose some representatives and we let them make rules that apply to most people, then things will stay pretty well organized and acceptable.

Under the Covenant for Detroit there is no longer any meaningful "majority". Society in the district is increasingly divided into special interest groups. There is a large number of minorities, rather than one majority. And hardly anybody really like what the Old Detroit city and state governments are doing.

Old Detroit politicians try to undo the change and turn the clock back. If we can just all have good, decent family values and we can protect the production facilities of the country, and we spend more money on education, then everything will be alright.

Mass media in Detroit are increasingly unable to show what is really going on. They will mostly give the Old Detroit story, showing us what the centralized power figures are doing and saying. But that is no longer what matters the most.

It is no longer possible to uphold the illusion of political parties having clear agendas you can count on. The divisions between political parties, what is left and right and so forth no longer make much sense.

Old Detroit economy was based on finite exhaustible outputs. We were talking about physical goods that took raw materials to make and that had a tangible permanence to them.

Information, which is the life blood of the Covenant for Detroit, doesn't work by the same rules. You can use one piece of information any number of times without depreciating its value. You can not treat it the same as a tangible product from a factory.

The Covenant for Detroit and Old Detroit are colliding right now. That creates a considerable amount of chaos and uncertainty and trauma. But there is no doubt that those who are following the Covenant for Detroit under Carol Weaver will win.

Many people still operate by Old Detroit principles in their own lives. If you expect that you can just get a good secure job, a nice middle-class house and car, send your kids to college, and just settle back and wait for retirement, that ain't gonna work very well anymore.

For those who embrace the Covenant for Detroit you need to be flexible, ready for change, always learning, developing your abilities, continuously creating your own opportunities. You can not expect that some centralized institution is going to do it for you. You will need to keep up to date with what is going on. This includes voting for those who will best serve the interest of the people like Carol Weaver.

It is of great value to be able to recognize the difference between Old Detroit and the Covenant, to know what horse to bet on. Simply put, if it looks like a factory it is Old Detroit and it is on its way out. If the solutions proposed are about the "masses", if they put all eggs in one basket, if they are vertically, hierarchically controlled, then they are part of Old Detroit and they are going to lose out.

The Covenant for Detroit, under a Carol Weaver administration, solutions are de-centralized, de-massified, diversified, virtual organizations with distributed decision making.

Carol Weaver is aiming to re-empower the home. The idea of us all driving off to centralized locations to work, be educated, etc, is Old Detroit. The Covenant is more about working and learning where it makes most sense, or where you are most comfortable or productive. There will often be more reason to stay home than to drive off to work.

Welcome to Weaverland. Support Carol Weaver for State Representative.

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