Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Covenant for Detroit: Sheila Dapremont Cannot Be Stopped by Akindele Akinyemi

The Covenant for Detroit has begun in District 6. Sheila Dapremont is moving faster in District 6 than Ajene Evans or Fred Durhal. She is popping over 6000 pieces of lit a day and will not stop until victory is hers.
A vote for Ajene is a vote for the End of Detroit as we know it. In fact, why are we supporting some one who has the same educational attainment as Rep. Coleman Young II? It would be a complete travesty to vote Ajene Evans in. Meanwhile, Fred Durhal is helping Gary Pollard in District 11 for State Representative. They are running together. I wonder why...hmmmmm?????? Is there anything we need to know?
Maybe if Fred would stop telling David Nathan (who is running against Gary Pollard in District 11) to sit the F**k down and let the old guard handle this (speaking of him and his man Pollard) and then let the young people come after us he can get on about serious business. Well keep telling young people to sit the f&^K down because this is where Sheila can move in for the kill. With growing momentum building up every day Sheila has gone from tearing down buildings as a demolition business owner to tearing down the walls of ignronace in her district by informing people via the Internet on the most cricual issues facing Detroit.
Sheila's political philosophy emphasizes individual liberty and personal responsibility. Political solutions to Michigan problems rarely work well and often make things worse; whatever government can do, private enterprise can do better. A good government is small and inexpensive, only protecting individual rights and enforcing valid contracts. The only legitimate crimes are actions that violate the rights of others, such as murder, theft and fraud.
Touching the residents of District 6 is crucial for Sheila because she knows about pain and pressure. She is a breath of fresh air in a campaign littered with candidates with zero direction. Sheila knows first hand the importance of lowering taxes, eliminating unfunded mandates, and reducing government overregulation to strengthen the economy. She will change the way Lansing does business and fight to make our state government work for the people again.
Her primary legislative priority will be to promote freedom by doing whatever we can to slow and reverse the growth of state government. Sheila will oppose bills that raise current taxes, propose new ones or expand state bureaucracy, and will support lowering taxes drastically and expanding education and health care.
On education Sheila will continue to promote for the proper respect for our traditional values and institutions that must be integrated into the classroom. A school is part of the neighborhood, therefore it is important to have a school that meets the needs of our neighbors. Her platform includes providing motivation and incentives to teachers (Better pay for better teachers will create happier and better educated teachers). High standards for our students and our schools are crucial and it requires hands on involvement from elected officials, principals, teachers and parents. Education funds shouldn't be tied up in bureaucracy it should be sent to the front line…into the classrooms.

As a small business owner, Sheila has shared the frustration and anger the voters have in regards to ever increasing property taxes. Real property tax reform should include rates capped at under a $1. Anything more than that is not real property tax relief. Reform should include rollbacks of the rate when valuations creep up each year. Tax rates should be automatically rolled back as property values increase. As we all know, a fixed rate is not real tax relief if our property values continue to increase as they have in recent years. Sheila is going to fight to keep our property from being foreclosed and bringing wealth back to the district.
What about those who have volunteered with Sheila in terms of overturning policies with her grassroots engine? Many have found her to be an effective leader as well as someone who takes ideas from others and helps incorporate them into a plan that works for the good of a project. I have seen her attention to detail in every task we have undertaken together. She leaves no stone unturned regardless of the size of the job at hand.
I personally support Sheila because she is such a hard working, successful individual. She knows how to work effectively with people and will carry this energy into the legislative arena to craft the kind of policies that will help get our economy moving again, encouraging businesses to create new jobs and career opportunities for those of us living in Detroit and across the region. Sheila is intimately involved in the important issues facing our district and state. And, personally, Sheila is a true friend, honest and ethical. I wish all candidates in her race had her moral and ethical strength. Unfortunately, that is not the case.
When speaking of small business growth, who better to serve us than Sheila Dapremont? She is the clear choice for District 6 in two weeks when votes go to the polls to vote on August 5. When we ask, are we better off today than we were two years ago? I think the answer is clearly no we are not and the name recognition and old guard have had their chance in the state Legislature. Let’s now see if we can take some real experience to Lansing with a legislator that has the experience in small business issues. The Covenant for Detroit is coming into the light. Join me in support of Sheila Dapremont for state representative in District 6.

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