Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Truth About Burton Leland by Akindele Akinyemi

Monique Baker McCormmick is running for Wayne County Commissioner in District 7 in Northwest Detroit. Here is someone who has accountability, integrity and trust. She served her country in the U.S. Army, a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., and owns and operates her own reality company in her district. A graduate of Henry Ford High School and a mother of two daughters Monique is the type of candidate that many of us dream of becoming elected. Why? She is simply unbought and unbossed.

So how come Burton Leland is up to his old racist dirty tricks?

Leland, the current Wayne County Commissioner in this district, feels that he is entitled to this seat because he is Jewish. Now Leland has injected the race card into his bid for re-election. But before I discuss this commissioner let me show you how he has already bought a candidate in the same race to disgrace our Monique Baker McCormick.

LaKyta Howell is running in the same race for County Commissioner. Leland paid her to run this negative ad against Baker McCormick. Howell, who has ties to the Black Nationalist movement and is not even a family woman but an angry victimologist, is trying to break Monique down on behalf of her boss, Burton Leland, in hopes of getting a job, because she cannot make ends meet.

So instead of doing the right thing Howell decided to go against her sister and stab Monique in the back to please her pimp, Burton Leland. The flyer above are straight lies about Monique Baker McCormick.

Howell has no platform, no agenda, no nothing. She is an implant who cannot articulate herself and think she can be elected by running a daycare facility that is not up to code. Yet, she is trying to slam Baker McCormick, who possess a MBA degree and is running her own show.

To demonstrate her ignorance Howell claims Monique needs a job on her flyer. If she can drive over to James Couzens and Greenfield you will see how Monique is practicing work by OWNING her own business.

Now let's break down Howell's tirade:

(a) Wayne County Commissioners has nothing to do with foreclosures.

Then how come every single county commissioner that we have spoken to discuss how to end foreclosures? It is affecting our county. Sound like something Leland would say not a day care provider who is struggling to make ends meet.

(b) Property taxes are set by state law.

Now I know that she got that from Burton Leland because Howell did not know that. However, this is a county commission that can vote to curtail taxes because they are an governmental entity. Just like the City of Detroit can set up a tax rate so can Wayne County. Also, county commissioners can lobby with state lawmakers to lower property taxes.

(c) The Land Bank is the biggest economic development initiative in the county and the current Commissioner helped get it off the ground.

Now LaKyta must be making deals with Burton Leland so she do not have to go out and get a Bridge Card. Can't you see the clear connection between the two? The Wayne County Executive, Robert Ficano, was discussing a Land Bank program long before Burton Leland even came to Wayne County government.

(d) The current Commissioner has supported many programs for children and youth in the District and gave away $25,000 in scholarship money.

Yes, Leland has done programs for the youth but mostly in EAST LANSING where he lives!!!

(e) McCormick clearly knows nothing about being a Wayne County Commissioner because eliminating property taxes for seniors is a state issue, would bankrupt the City of Detroit, and would destroy public education.

Without me going into this in depth if Howell understood free market principles she would see how Leland is using her as a prostitute to pit one Black woman against another. For a Black woman who is 36 years old to attack an established business owner of color demonstrates to me that we would do anything to support the Willie Lynch syndrome in the name of her Jewish slavemaster who is also her poverty pimp and player. Hey, she would do anything to eat.

To demonstrate how she has embarrassed herself Howell did not even put her address on that negative literature. See for yourself. By law she is supposed to put an address on her literature piece. Not to mention that she has not even raised money for her campaign so where is she getting the money from? Burton Leland.
I told you before, no education equates to being a follower.

However, Burton Leland put his famous 17254 Bentler address (which is an office space out of the home he owns) on his literature. Notice he says race should not be an issue.

Speaking of Leland here is a man who just will not stop. He says this campaign should not be about race. However, it is JUST THAT RACE!!!! Why? He REALLY thinks Jewish people are superior to Blacks. He strongly feels that there is no connection between Blacks and Jews and according to one former staffer (who will remain anonymous) that Blacks are no more than ignorant monkeys who produces bastard children. Yet, Blacks blindly vote for him for exchange for false promises and KFC.

Leland is using the race card in this primary to scare people about why they should not vote for a Black woman but to vote for a Jewish man who has no concern about the constituents in his district. He does not shop here, eat here nor he cares about the common man and woman in his district. He feeds off the stereotype of how he can trade in votes for a bucket of chicken when he comes into the Black community. He will come into your backyard and eat barbecue and go home to East Lansing and brag to his neighbors about how he has those chicken eating monkeys (blacks in the district) trained in Detroit (according to some of his neighbors reported from a team that was sent to East Lansing last week while Leland was here in Detroit). A Blackwoman I spoke to off 7 Mile and Telegraph was angry at Leland because she heard from her neighbor that Leland was going to kick Monique Baker's black ghetto ass. He also accused Monique of not living in the district. Monique stay down the street from me on Piedmont while Burton Leland lives in East Lansing as documented in this video at http://youtube.com/watch?v=IBMxpVxdK1g. So race is an issue in this race because Leland has a history of using it. He has berated Black women such as Wayne County Commissioners Jewel Ware and Alisha Bell, former Commissioner Monifa Kenyatta and now Monique Baker McCormick.

Some facts I would like to point out about Burton Leland that most people do not know about.
FACT: When Burton Leland ran against Torion Bridges, then 18 years old, in 2006 for the Wayne County Commission seat he harassed Bridges by repeatedly putting lawn sings on his lawn, berating his mother in public and called him a nigger. He later told Torion to get his black ass out of the race or else. Keep in mind that Torion was 18 at the time this was happening. Bridges later contacted the Detroit News where Leland told the News reporter that he would not do such a thing (even though Leland's harassment this was verified by Bridges mother and his team at the time). Today, Leland placed a lawn sign on Bridges mother's house without permission. Leland is going around the district doing this.

FACT: When Master Violinist Zhe Clampitt ran for State Representative in 2006 the camp of Burton Leland told her to get out of the race because she is a nigger. In fact, that same Leland camp called her a nigger bitch twice over the phone. The problem with this is Clampitt, who is a Republican, do not even live in Detroit but Redford Township and was running against Rep. Andy Dillion. Clampitt and Bridges, who are both African American, were running on the GOP ticket.

FACT: Burton Leland paid off former police chief Benny Napoleon and Michael Grundy to do radio ads in support of him against Monique Baker McCormick. Leland only can get these two who has ties to Wayne County Government to do a radio ad (and I cannot forget about State Sen. Tupac Hunter who is supporting Leland) but no one in the community has said anything about supporting him.

FACT: Burton Leland will not shop in Detroit. Instead, he puts his money at the Meijer on Lake Lansing road in East Lansing.

FACT: Burton Leland forced his son Gabe to run for State Representative against his will. Gabe wanted to finish school FIRST but his father placed him in a race that he really did not want to be bothered. Come to find out that Gabe was arrested in East Lansing for possession of marijuana and did not live in the district.

FACT: Burton Leland is running a carpetbagger in a state representative race in District 11 named Anthony Bradford. Bradford, a former chief of staff for Leland in the Michigan Legislature, received the endorsements of the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News. However, he lives in Southfield and is using someone else's address. Bradford ran in 2002 against then State Representative Tupac Hunter in District 9 and was shown in a picture with Leland patting Bradford on the head like a dog. Later, Bradford ran against State Representative Shanelle Jackson in 2006 in district 9 and lost. By this time he was living in Southfield right off 10 mile and Evergreen but was running in District 9 as a carpetbagger.

FACT: Jim Edmondson is also a former staffer of Leland who ran for State Representative in District 10 in 2004. Edmondson never lived in the district and lived on the far east side when he ran for State Representative. He was a plant placed in the race by Leland.

SUPER FACT: When I personally walked the district residents told me personally of how Leland would exchange votes for chicken and how Black people have always supported him when that is NOT clearly the case.

People are getting behind Monique because Burton Leland displays his arrogance in such a way that is very disrespectful. He degrades Black women and finds the most ignorant Black person (like Lakyta Howell) to pay off to destroy his candidate. This time that will not work. We are not going to sit back and let this man win another term in this commission seat.
The truth about Burton Leland is that while he has spent 28 years in government he has not worked for the people. The long line of disrespect for Black women over the years has mounted up against him and now is the time for someone to knock him off for good. We need to stop racism and arrogance in our community. It's time for a leader to step up to the plate.
That person is Monique Baker McCormick our next Wayne County Commissioner in District 7.


Zummy said...

I would respectfully point out that you say, "Leland, the current Wayne County Commissioner in this district, feels that he is entitled to this seat because he is Jewish. Now Leland has injected the race card into his bid for re-election."

Yes, Burton Leland is Jewish. However, you wrongly imply that Judaism is a race. Judaism is a religion, not a race. Please get your facts straight, especially when you make "racial" accusations. Also, I'd love to see some proof for all of your outrageous statements. I've known this man for years, and until I see proof, I'm calling this entire post complete BS, and libel.

Akindele said...

call it what you want but these are the facts. I can care less how long you've known him tell him to stop sending bullshit remarks through the mail through other candidates to attack qualified candidates such as Monique.

Mike said...

I love reading your blogs. Much of what you post is based off of what you personally experience everyday. You are clearly passionate about what you talk about. However, you do a disservice to both yourself and everyone who reads your blog, when you spit hateful, empty political rhetoric.

I've found that when debating politics, informed citizens tend to care about the little nuances; like distinguishing between race and religion. I'm sure a Chaldean would be offended if you called him a Muslim, or a Persian, Arab.

In all of this, you should know that I'm not here to smear you publicly on your blog. I'm pretty moderate when it comes to politics, and I love seeing both sides of the argument- even playing devil's advocate once in a while. From a legal perspective, what you claim to be "facts" is nothing more than libel and hearsay. Another words, useless. If what you say is true, than something should be done. But you must understand, that just claiming something of this magnitude without any real proof is unacceptable.

In my experience in politics, I have found that politicians that cannot win based off their own merit, tend to resort to the sort of stuff posted on your blog. I know you think that what you write will mobilize conservative voters, but have you ever stopped to consider that the informed people that actually go to the polls, may be turned off by this sort of thing? You claim to love your community. I do not question that love. But is the course of action that you are taking, really the best route to better your community. Do the ends justify the means? Is hate better than merit? Just some food for thought. Best regards.

Anonymous said...

Her own "reality" company. But are all the doors hard to fit through and once inside it's nearly impossible to see out?