Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Are We Still Uncommitted by Akindele Akinyemi

Is Detroit still uncommitted?

That will be the question in the days to come as the Democratic National Convention winds down in Denver. While Sen. Barack Obama accepts his death wish to be the nominee for the Democratic Party for President the United States he is beginning to slip in the polls thanks to his ridiculous pick of Sen. Joe "Indian-Dunkin Do-NUTS" Biden for Vice President.

According to Real Clear Politics:

Battleground StatesObamaMcCain Spread
Colorado45.544.3Obama +1.2
Nevada42.745.7McCain +3.0
Michigan46.041.7Obama +4.3
Ohio43.344.5McCain +1.2
Pennsylvania47.342.3Obama +5.0
Florida43.047.3McCain +4.3

So Obama is in a real dog fight. What about those uncommitted voters in Detroit?

Speaking of uncommitted where the hell did Edna Bell come from? Here is someone who was a Hillary Clinton supporter and now she has flipped the script going around talking about how she is a slave to Obama? Edna Bell is one of the so-called Democratic leaders in Detroit and is the mother of Wayne County Commissioner Alisha Bell.

The problem with Edna Bell is that she is going around telling the Obama supporters that she started the Uncommitted Vote in Detroit and Michigan when I know that is not factual. The Michigan Chronicle are reporting this:

Edna Bell, who led the effort to get voters out for Obama for the "Uncommitted Ballot" during the confusing primary election, said she is thrilled about the state delegation getting its full voting rights back.

"Clearly we can win the state," Bell said. “But the key to winning Michigan is Detroit."

Excuse me? I may not be a Obama supporter but I do know that Sheila Dapremont was the first one talking about the Uncommitted Vote on Local 4 News with Roger Weber.

Now while Edna was drunk at a wedding full of Obama supporters talking about Hillary was going to be our next president it was Sheila Dapremont and Maurice Badgett working at full speed to get the uncommitted vote out. Prime example is an e-mail from 12/18/2007 that was sent to me directly.

Detroit's Conservative Brothers/Sisters Voices
Pass the Word!!!!!!!!!
Now that Mark Brewer is Planning a Beauty Pageant
Jan. 15th without our Choice Obama!!!
For Us all, This one isn't about Politics
But respect!
A Vote Uncommitted
Is a Vote In Detroit for Obama!!!!
And Respect from the MDP for
Our Vote!!!!!
Join us!
Vote Uncommitted!!!!
Uncommitted we know!
Huckabee still a Mystery!!!!

Another e-mail dated 1/7/08 stated the following:

SW Detroit Voices
Pass the Word!!!!!!!
Jan. 15th
Vote Uncommitted
An Uncommitted Vote
Is a Vote for Obama!

From 11/20/2007

Message to the Conservative Brothers and Sisters in Detroit!!!!!
Pass the Word!!!!!!
We have been awaiting for the MI. Black Republicans for Obama to respond. But for sure it looks like their 3% of the Detroit Vote is split! See below!
Mr. Akindele. When the doctor slapped each of us on our bottoms. Pumping our first Breath of Life into our Lungs we were both Males of Color! The National and Michigan Black Republican, I know, Get it!
Come Home! My Brother, Come Home!
Obama is Coming to Detroit! And he will Win Michigan because of the Detroit's Vote!

On 11/19/2007 this was sent to me:

Mr. "Akindele"
Welcome back! You have been missed. You are entitled to your own opinions and we respect you for that. But really my brother who has delivered the best speech for our people? Who can relate to what's going on right now? Who doesn't want to pit Red America against Blue America? Who didn't vote for the war in Iraq? Do you want me to go on? I'll tell you... OBAMA! When we walk the streets for OBAMA you should come and join us. We know what Michigan needs and so does OBAMA. Let's Fire It Up Together...

So my question is this. Are we still uncommitted? I mean if the grassroots were to crossover to the McCain camp it could be very interesting here in the City of Detroit. People are voting for Obama for the wrong reasons here and are not happy about how the Obama camp is not recognizing the grassroots efforts here in Detroit. There are many who are ready to come home to help McCain deliver Michigan. I still say there are many uncommitted voters in Detroit because they wanted to support Hillary and now torn between Obama and McCain.

So you can go along with the lies and deception of Edna Bell all you want but I can clearly remember those e-mails that were sent out about walking the streets of Detroit that was headed by Sheila Dapremont. I just believe that credit is due. And that credit comes from Sheila not Edna Bell. Hopefully, the Michigan Chronicle get the story right.


MSULiberal said...

Any Hillary supporter who votes for McCain in November is atrocious. Hillary and Barack's policies are nearly identical. Some of McCain's policies used to be somewhat acceptable, but now that he's pandering to the ultra right-wing of his party, he is the complete opposite of Barack and Hillary. Therefore, anyone who supported Hillary and plans to vote for McCain in November is either incredibly stupid, a racist or is so pathetic they haven't yet gotten over the fact that their candidate lost.

Anonymous said...

Are you fucking these women you are endorsing?

Akindele F. Akinyemi said...

if i was fucking these women what's it to you?

Anonymous said...

You look like Ne-Yo.

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