Friday, August 01, 2008

Carol Weaver: The Acheiver and Believer by Akindele Akinyemi

Welcome to Weaverland. A place where leadership is develop, innovated and created by the best.

This coming Tuesday, August 5, 2008 we will be making history in as we elect a leader that is interested in change. Carol Weaver want to serve as your State Representative in House District 7 because she has a vision of a sustainable 21st century economy for Michigan. She knows how to bring together labor, the environment, and education to confront climate change, create family wage jobs, and prepare our children to succeed in the global economy. As your State Representative, Carol will fight to protect what makes Michigan special and preserve our quality of life. At the same time she will stand up for all Michiganders to make sure that everyone has access to quality health care, a strong education, and a clean environment. Carol will always defend the ability to ensure access to safe clean community, and she will be a tireless advocate for the rights of families in the district that she plans to serve.

Carol Weaver is running against special interests and candidates such as Al Williams, Brenda Goss Andrews and homosexual school board member Jimmy Womack. These people want to go to Lansing to pay homage to special interests groups. Womack feels that he is entitled to this seat because he screwed up the Detroit School Board. Should we elect someone who does not have the best interest of the children at heart? Who uses the school board to jump to higher office to support his homosexual friend Sen. Buzz Thomas? Who blackballed State Rep. Virgil Smith into supporting his campaign so Smith can get a position at the Detroit Medical Center once he is finished with his term? Do we need someone going to Lansing whose school board is being investigated by the FBI for misuse of federal money? Do we need someone who lies and say he is for family values when his boyfriend is sleeping in the same bed as Womack? We need to check ourselves before voting.

Meanwhile, Carol is running an independent campaign that is ran by the people for the people. She would like to see more vibrant, community-oriented businesses in this district. Carol believes that every resident in our district finds some aspect of our neighborhood to be special. We all understand that serving the common good means balancing sacrifice and benefits. Together, she believes that we can find a common ground to support those services that are common to all of us: public safety services, roads, proper sanitation, the environment, town hall services. With innovation, we can preserve these services and our schools, and make our communities better places to work, play, and live.

At the state level, we face a growing need to keep companies and jobs in Michigan. This means finding the right balance on taxes and regulation for businesses, to preserve fairness and enhance competitiveness. It means having towns where America’s best and brightest want to live, so that our state remains a haven for the best universities, emerging technologies, evolving health care solutions, and unrivaled money managers. Carol Weaver is that person.

To obtain more state aid for our towns, we need a state representative who is able to work closely with the leadership in the State House. To improve our state’s economic strength, we need more state officials who have worked in the private sector, who understand how business decisions are made, and who can work in partnership with the business community. Carol Weaver is that person.

We do not have these qualities now in our current state representative (Rep. Smith), but we will if Carol is elected. With your help, Carol can open the door to new ideas, new funding, new solutions for the district, and more jobs for our community. As the only pro-active Democrat running for state representative from her district, and as the only candidate with a international business background, Carol Weaver is the best candidate for District 7, representing a new way forward toward a better future.

Carol Weaver is part of the next generation of great Michigan leaders. Her experience, her thoughtfulness, and her commitment to service will make all Michiganders proud to have her in office. We need her leadership in Lansing.

We urge you to get out the vote on August 5 and vote for Carol Weaver for State Representative.



Ok Controversial One! u r sooooo bad!
I used to live in Virgil Smith's district-i hope what u say isn't true.

Hopefully her new name will be Dream Weaver! lol

Anonymous said...

What does being a homo have to do with his campaign? The comment was not needed