Tuesday, August 26, 2008

John McCain Should Pick Sarah Palin for Vice President by Akindele Akinyemi

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I am not comfortable about Senator Barack Obama picking Sen. Joe Biden for his Vice President. It's like picking Sen. Robert Byrd for VP. Hell, Obama should have gone ahead and picked Byrd. At least we know where the Klansman is coming from.

Joe Biden's mouth is what is going to doom Obama. In fact, I think the race is over. All John McCain has to do is pick the BEST candidate for Vice President. And it is not Mitt Romeny. McCain would have to be a damn fool to pick Romney.

It's this cutie from Alaska.

Sarah Palin

Gov. Sarah Palin. After all, Obama missed his chance to pick Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas to shore up the women vote. Instead, he picked a dinosaur to balance out his inexperience on foreign policy. But this is the man who is preaching about change in our country. Then he picksBiden.

If McCain picks Gov. Palin for his Vice President I will fully endorse McCain for President. I know most Michigan Republicans want Romney to be McCain's Vice President but we are not looking at this thing deeper than what it is. Ok, so what if McCain/Romney can deliver Michigan in November (which will not be the case if there is a heavy African-American turnout in November because we will not put any Victory Centers in Detroit) have the Republican Party forgot the other 49 states that we have to win.

Here is the scenario. If McCain picks Palin on Friday and NOT Romney (which would doom us in the long run) she would automatically bring life to a campaign that is not exciting. Most conservatives are supporting McCain for the hell of it not because they like him. And because Romney is such a sound bite that would NOT make the ticket any better.

If I was John McCain I would pick Palin for one core reason. To discuss the energy issues. Remember Gov. Palin is the Governor of Alaska where the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) is located. A large majority of Alaskans support drilling in ANWR, including every governor, senator, representative, and legislature for the past 25 years including Palin. A June 2008 Pew Research Poll reported that 50% of Americans favor drilling of oil and gas in ANWR while 43% oppose. While Mc Cain is opposed to drilling in ANWR (for whatever reason..sometimes I cannot tell the difference between him and Obama) I believe someone like Palin would help reshape his position on ANWR.

The most important reason why McCain should pick Palin is because of her female status, youthful image, strong background in government reform, pro-life stance and fiscal and social conservatism. Therefore, a McCain/Palin could become the ticket to solidify the GOP's conservative base and garner independent support, as well as win over some of the disenchanted Hillary Clinton supporters who will not vote for Obama regardless of what Hillary Clinton said last night in her speech to the DNC.

Anyone else outside of Palin on the ticket with McCain is disastrous for the Republican Party.


Anonymous said...

"This cutie from Alaska."

I think Palin would be a great pick for McCain. The only downside would be having to listen to sexist idiots like you refer to her as a "cutie."

Khaki Elephant said...

Great post! I couldn't agree more. And in your defense, I don't find refering to an obviously attractive woman as a "cutie" to be sexist. How often have we heard about Obama and Romney's looks? It's not as though you suggested that Palin and Cindy McCain jello-wrestle to celebrate if she gets the nod (watch, somebody will now say that I am a sexist idiot, but who in their right mind would want to see Obama and Romney jello wrestle).

Great site. Love your takes on the D!

Anonymous said...

Along with the 'cutie' comment, it's interesting that almost every single endorsement you've made has been a woman - and most of those women have arguably been 'cuties.' Just sayin'!

Anonymous said...

"Cutie"? Guess that's the Fox News talkin'. Laurie Dhue for VeeP!

Chris Arndt said...

I guess the fact that she is literally an Alaskan beauty queen has no bearing on her being a "cutie", you anonymous bigots/fools/wimps?

Anonymous said...

Yes, "wimps." Right. Why don't you check the endorsements a little lower on this page for the larger point being made.

And regardless, Palin is a hilarious pick for McCain. Less experience and less intelligence than Obama. McSame's sealed his fate. Thank God.

Khaki Elephant said...

Less experience than Obama? The fact is that she has more experince in an executive branch of government than Obama and Biden combined. And while Obama was casting a few votes during the 140 total days or so that he has actually been in the senate, Palin was governing the country's largest land mass (and richest oil fields), making dozens and sometimes hundreds of EXECUTIVE decisions a day. Oh, and she was also a leader in the private sector, yet another enormous hole in the Obama rice-paper resume.

This move may well have won McCain the election.

Anonymous said...

This move most likely cost McCain the election (not that he really had it in the first place).
Serving two terms as Alaska's governor and as mayor of a 9,000 person town a president does not make.
The reality is there is no reason to have her on the ticket. She brings nothing and undermines McCain's argument of experience. At worst, she ties McCain further to Oil as well.
Obama is above and beyond her in every way - as is Biden.