Friday, August 01, 2008

Rita Jordan: A Woman of Class, Leadership and Integrity by Akindele Akinyemi

The lady has class, high esteem and is a natural born leader. She is the one to look for in the immediate future.

Rita Jordan may be new to this whole thing called politics but she is a fast and quick learner. She is running against Incumbent Rep. Coleman Young for the State House seat in District 4. While people are comfortable about running on name recognition Rita is out to shock the world on Tuesday, August 5.

The savvy businesswoman, who led a great effort to increase membership at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, is seeking to increase voter participation to push her over the edge.

The core reasons why Rita should be your next State Representative.

Rita strives for integrity, because it means respecting our public institutions and not littering them with corrupt lobbyists or special interests.

Rita believe in honesty, which means telling people in a straightforward manner when they are putting self-interest too far ahead of the common good.

Rita believe in fairness, and creating opportunities for all Michiganders— the hardworking, those who have become trained and well-educated, and those who through no fault of their own were born into difficult circumstances.

Rita believe in freedom, and that means not only freedom of speech but making decisions that will help benefit families.

Rita believe in civil rights, which means strengthen marriages and families in our community.

Rita believe in charity, which means helping the homeless and feeding the hungry.

Rita will make decisions with prudence, and that means greatly constricting access to drugs in this city.

The people who lives in District 4 want and deserve better than the old-style politics of inflexibility, ideology, and special interests. Rita wants to live up to your expectations about elected officials by offering a new way forward: principled and practical leadership that inspires civic engagement at the local, state, and federal levels.

She believe that the people of Michigan will become less cynical and more enthusiastic about government if they know that their voices matter. That’s why Rita is committed to listening to you. She will not actively seek endorsements from special interest groups so that she can instead hear your voices and be your advocates.

As your state representative, Rita will be an engaged listener, an effective leader, a pragmatic problem solver. She will be your voice in the State House for improvement, a voice for a new way forward, and a better future.

Rita believes passionately that we can do better.

To do that, we need to work together, and she need your support. Please know that Rita will give my all and do my best to build upon our towns’ great legacies, ensuring that our communities are vibrant and special within a progressive Michigan.



AA-thanks for publicizing the works of Rita. it's my prayer when these new faces get into office, they do not become frustrated at slow change, and then succumb to the dirt around them.

Also-thanks for supporting the women in politics!!
luv ya!
-Bree :)

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