Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Failure Of DPS Equals A Failing Child by Akindele Akinyemi

Well it has happened. Detroit Public Schools has fallen under 100,000 students for the first time since World War I. The present count is at 88,000 and STILL falling.

Whose to blame? If you ask anyone in DPS they would tell you charter schools. The truth of the matter is DPS failed themselves with false promises, playing liberal politics and pushing an immoral stance on how the largest school system should be ran.

DPS is already running a $400 million deficit (more like $600 million), is facing a loss of at least $40 million in state aid and the possible appointment of an outsider to manage its finances.

The struggling district also would lose first-class district standing if enrollment drops below 100,000. That would allow some community colleges to open charter schools in the city. This is a good thing because parents want more options for their children.

The reality of the matter is this. When you are running a large corporation like Detroit Public Schools on a $1.4 billion budget and cannot maintain then common sense tells you to close as many as 20 schools and open the doors for options. With the rapid population loss in Detroit you would think one is trying to run the school system as if there are 160,000 students.

I cannot figure out why any of our state lawmakers from Detroit is always wasting their time trying to save a sinking ship. I am a graduate of Detroit Public Schools and I am saying, as a taxpayer, as a parent, and a educator to let the ship sink this time. How much more money do we need to continue giving DPS when the results are negative?

Lawmakers talk about they are for charter schools but I hardly ever see any action on their part. Especially the ones from Detroit. If they were for quality education they would have been on top of this issue a very long time ago. Instead, we are still failing our children in DPS. I am not saying charters are the answer because they are not Jesus Christ but GIVE the parents a option and release these ignorant law s that restrict the universities from chartering more schools.

The more lawmakers, community activists and educators try to help DPS the more our children fail in an immoral and decadent school system.

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