Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's Offical: Obama is Ignoring the Streets of Detroit by Akindele Akinyemi

I was reading the Detroit News this morning and saw on the front page how Senator BarackObama is only leading by 1% in the latest polls in Michigan over Sen. John McCain to win the State of Michigan. Strategic Vision is reporting that Obama is leading 45-44% over John McCain while the Detroit's News is reporting 43-42% over McCain. If I was homosexual billionaire John Stryker right now I would buy as much television advertisement on behalf of Obama because it seems like he may lose Michigan.

However, if Obama does lose Michigan it will not be because of out-county voters but actually the City of Detroit. McCain only needs 4-6% from Detroit to win Michigan.

I am getting a barrage of phone calls, texts and e-mails from my counterparts in Detroit about how the Obama camp is ignoring the grassroots community in Detroit. People are really upset with how the Obama campaign is going in Detroit and it is so severe that Rev. Oscar King of Northwest Unity Baptist Church and the President of the Council of Baptist Pastors are threatening to protest Sen. Obama's Detroit Office by supporting John McCain for President in November.

Down in St. Petersburg, Florida a banner held aloft by three young African American men at what was supposed to be the usual campaign pep-rally (normally a town hall meeting) stated "What about the Black community, Obama?"

Obama's April 2007 legislation against "fraudulent and predatory lending practices," the Stop Fraud Act makes no mention of racial patterns in lending abuse. Nine months later, with the housing crisis at hurricane strength, Obama's response was the weakest of the three ‘top tier' Democratic primary candidates.

Those are some of the issues facing Obama.

However, I want to know this. If Obama is supposed to be America's candidate then how come people are being charged $5 a lawn sign here in Detroit? If you go over to the McCain camp lawn signs are free. Is Obama really out of touch with the very ones he claims he is for?

What about the number of grassroots activists who want to help Obama win but cannot even get paid but the same Obama camp they are loyal to have brought in people from Oklahoma and South Carolina to walk the streets of Detroit when these young, ambitious but ignorant college students have no clue where they are at. They do not realize that this is Detroit, home of where poor people are stripping houses down like cars, where people snatch your ass right off the streets and will conduct a home invasion with an AK-47 5PM in broad daylight while your mother is cooking diner and your children are playing the Nintendo Wi or PSP2.

My thing to the Obama camp is why are they disrespecting people who know the streets of Detroit? Are they saying that the Native Detroiter who know the community like the back of their hands are ignorant, drunk and are not intelligent enough to walk the streets of their community but need Molly and Becky to walk the streets of Tireman and area where you might get your head bashed in by a crackhead?

Speaking of crackheads what we have also found out is because the Detroit office of the Obama lawn signs off the lawns of people's homes and re-selling the signs for $2-3 to people who want them. But Obama is supposed to be for the little people. I think our people are being hoodwinked.

So what does the Obama camp do? They send out bogus information on how the Michigan Republicans are trying to block voters from voting if they homes have been foreclosed. Here is what MIGOP Chairman Saul Anuzis said:

“There is no truth to this story. It’s a complete fabrication. There has never been a plan to use foreclosure lists to challenge voters. There is no such plan, and there never will be such a plan. Period.”

What we found out about the information that it came from Michigan Messenger, a liberal blog ran by the Center for Independent Media, a front group started by billionaire George Soros. Further research shows how this same liberal blog
camp is charging $5 a pop for a lawn sign crackheads and others are stealing has hired the same Democratic political consulting agency that led a failed effort to amend Michigan’s constitution to give Democrats control of government and remove the only African-American from the state Supreme Court.

Did I stutter? The Democrats are trying to remove the only African-American from the State's Supreme Court. Did I mention how the same Michigan Democratic Party successfully BLOCKED Deborah Thomas's nomination at the State Democratic Party in Lansing 2 weeks ago? Thomas is an African-American woman from Detroit.

There is a connection with the Michigan Messenger and
Bynum-Fisk Advocacy Communications , a political consulting firm started by a former Democratic state legislator and her staffer. Bynum-Fisk staff is quoted in recent news stories as the official spokesperson for the, an online blog that claims it is independent of political affiliation.

The Democratic Party knows Obama is in trouble in Michigan and all eyes are on Detroit. However, while outsiders are being paid to walk the streets of Detroit while we have good people willing to walk the streets of Detroit who are from here originally who SHOULD get paid to work. I mean, just last week 1/2 of the Georgia and South Carolina field offices for Obama got off the buses and started walking the streets. Not one time Obama's people consulted with those who are from here. These same walkers are shacking up in people's homes who they don't know, some are starving and some are actually dropping out of campaigning all together because of the lack of management in the Obama camp that is either turning people away or coming over to the McCain camp. I mean this would not be a problem if this was the Southside of Chicago. In fact, Obama would HAVE PAID those grassroots people on the Southside of Chicago but because this is Detroit he has turned his back on our brothers and sisters who are supporting him.

Some people I have talked to in the past 48 hours have told me that their vote will not be disrespected and plan on sitting this one out. However, I reminded them that a no vote for Obama is a vote for McCain. Shockingly, they told me that they would rather SWITCH their vote for McCain than support Obama because they feel that Obama is too "elitist."

This is just not a Detroit problem but a NATIONAL problem in the Black community of how Obama is not paying attention to the warning signs.

In Philadelphia, Obama refuses to pay street money to those grassroots operatives. This is a ritual in the City of Brotherly Love. It's the same issue in Pittsburgh, Tampa and other urban areas that are coming out to support Obama for the wrong reasons. Of course, if I brought this critical issue up to the young adults who are supporting Obama they would not care because most of them have placed Jesus Christ on the shelf to support a candidate who does not even have a church home to begin with but supports everything that is NOT biblical.

If I was the Michigan Republican Party I would open up a office right in the Compuware building in Downtown Detroit and allow some of the grassroots to work on behalf of McCain. This is a PRIME opportunity to win. I hope Republicans will not BLOW it this time around.

9 comments: said...

Well, if they're willing to NOT VOTE because it supports McCain then maybe you could talk them into going all the way and filing a genuine protest vote by casting that GOP ballot! :)


MichLib said...

This post is pretty accurate... The $5 signs are ridiculous and you would think you could certainly find some Detroiters willing to walk for Obama. Although, maybe not - from experience I know Carolyn Kilpatrick and the Eastside Slate had some people working on poll day in August and they were completely ineffective (one lady kept referring to Rep. Kilpatrick as "Kwame's Mom"... need I say more?)

But you say:
"Of course, if I brought this critical issue up to the young adults who are supporting Obama they would not care because most of them have placed Jesus Christ on the shelf to support a candidate who does not even have a church home to begin with but supports everything that is NOT biblical."

Which is completely out of line. Obama has a full, respectable family. McCain is the one who left his handicapped wife for a trophy wife many years younger than him. And Palin is the one with the pregnant daughter. And don't come back with some crap about keeping the family out of this or whatever, because you brought up Barack's family.

Dave said...

Good artical and honest. Obama/Obiden want to spend their record breaking earnings on others than those who are the grass roots. Also, he is most definitely not a Christian...word is out and about on the web and abroad. This past year he has garnered about 4m personal income...most from his new book. His elitist attitude is now soaring him high and over the "roots" of Detroit.

Bowale said...

Excuse me readers while I speak to Mr Akindele in a language he'll really understand. Here goes.....

Bros, how far with all d bad- bele for Obama, abi na so make e come settle una "omo onile" style.
Abeg make u carry your agbero style of politics commot, or make u go run for local govt in mushin or ajegunle.
Na your kind dey give naijas bad name with all your 419.

michlib said...

Dave, get a clue.

Obama is a proven Christian. The post was mostly accurate with the exception of what I pointed out above.

And article is spelled article not artical. (lol!)

Anonymous said...

"Of course, if I brought this critical issue up to the young adults who are supporting Obama they would not care because most of them have placed Jesus Christ on the shelf to support a candidate who does not even have a church home to begin with but supports everything that is NOT biblical."

Stupidity at its finest. See if University of Phoenix (degree mill) has a critical thinking course that doesn't revolve around coloring pages out of a coloring book, and try again. Maybe then your Master's degree will mean something.

Anonymous said...

To Wale - not supporting Obama doesn't show Akindele's 'bad belle'. Not every white person backs McCain. Equality means that African Americans can make choices like everyone else the world over. I'd love Obama to win for sentimental reasons (I live in England) but not everyone has to back his policies - I accept that, so should you.
To MichLib - I think Akindele's reference to Obama's lack of a church family is the fact that since he fell out with Rev Wright, he no longer appears to belong to any particular church. Most Christians would always make sure they belong to a church.
To Anon at 4.14 pm - your response is so typical of the left. Once a minority that you people think you own appears to think for themselves, you turn abusive and arrogant and irrational.

Anonymous said...

Africanmum LOL! You make me laugh. Your homeboy Akindele is the one who is irrational. His arguments are full of fallacies and unsupported assertions. He epitomizes irrationality and arrogance. He is not thinking for himself, he is repeating what the conservative shock jocks say. I respect an independent-thinking conservative, liberal whatever, but people who merely repeat talking points and pull arguments out of their ass are not worthy of any respect.

Anonymous said...

First of all, who cares if he is a Christian? What a narrow-minded, brainwashed, silly thing to base your vote on. I would spend time outlining how ardent faithhawks are responsible for many of the ills in this world, past and present, but that would be a waste of time. He is an intelligent and learned man who will have a stronger dedication to the working man, the minority, and the downtrodden than we have seen in a very long time. All the emphasis on Christian teachings and strong family values makes me gag. Folks that tout that kind of rhetoric are generally the most fraudulent. Frankly, I continue to believe that Obama is a free-thinking and well meaning human being who is forced to compromise on many things that need immediate remedy because folks (voters aka the masses who are a**es) refuse to drop their own dogmas and put themselves in someone else's shoes. I am not a praying man, I am a man of action not concerned with waiting around for some diety to deliver me/us to the promise land. With that being said, all of you out there that are, if McCain claims victory in November you gonna be busy...