Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mayor Dave Bing? It's Possible by Akindele Akinyemi

I am not confident in Mayor Ken Cockrel's ability to lead Detroit into the 21st century. He is no better than his former City Council colleagues and we still have to ask what was his involvement in the Synagro scandal that has he FBI looking into how business was conducted at City Hall. Everytime I talk about Synagro to someone in Downtown Detroit I hear Ken Cockrel's name come up first and then Monica Conyers.

It is a possibility that Cockrel may be indicted soon. Yes, another black eye for Detroit.

This is why we need to begin electing someone who is pro-business. Someone like Dave Bing.

I would like to see Dave Bing get the Mayoral spot because he knows exactly what Detroit needs to become a financial market in the Midwest. The days of the automotive industry is gone. Detroit Public Schools are a thing of the past. This is the same Dave Bing that wanted to open a charter high school on the city's North End a few years ago.

Yes, Bing is for charter schools that places an emphasis on technology. He feels that DPS has failed our children and parents need another option for our children in order for them to compete in a 21st century global society.

That alone he will get my support.

The man has class, leadership and business skills that will pump billions for the city as Detroit gets back on its feet.

A poll by Detroit Renaissance shows in a three-way race including Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans and Kwame Kilpatrick’s former general counsel, Sharon McPhail, Bing polls 57.5 percent, with Evans coming in second at 17.5 percent.

Think about it. We are talking about someone who has been investing in real estate for years, and his automotive supply company, The Bing Group, is one of the most successful minority-owned businesses in the entire country. It’s a privately-held company so exact financial numbers are hard to come by, but it had an annual revenue of $344 million in 2002 and is projected by the end of the year to hit the $1 billion mark. While other companies have fled the city by the droves he’s remained committed to keeping his business in Detroit.

Detroit needs a mayor that is not beholden to partisan interests. Not held hostage to the unions or grassroots organizations. Detroit needs a mayor who is serious about the transformation process.

If Dave Bing is elected as Mayor of Detroit perhaps I might come back to the city to invest. I do like the country life out here in Southwest Michigan.

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Anonymous said...

Sor far it is just hearsay about Mayor Cockrel being involed in anything illegal. There is also talk that Mr. Bing is hooked up to Sharon McPhail? If there is anthing hidding under the rug regarding any of these candidates running for Mayor it would have come out or will shortly.
Let's listen and see what all the candidates have to say and then cast our vote.