Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why Name Recognition Will Make Coleman Young A Winner by Akindele Akinyemi

Here we go again. The disease that is killing voters in the City of Detroit.

Name recognition.

This time we have Coleman A. Young II, the current state representative in District 4. He has decided to run for Mayor of the City of Detroit.

Hell, I cannot even blame him. I mean, his father, the late Coleman A. Young, ran the city for 20 years.

But once again we cross this disease called name recognition. While I think Dave Bing would be a good choice for Detroit I am confident that Coleman Young will win the seat because of name recognition.

My question is why are people in Detroit even thinking about electing him as Mayor? What type of executive experience does he have to qualify him to run a city?

It all stem back to adult illiteracy. With the Black middle class moving out of the City of Detroit, a failing economy, a public school district that is $400 million in the hole and neighbors stripping houses like cars I can see why Rep. Young would jump into the race.

To carry on his father's legacy. Who would not do a honorable thing. But Detroit right now do not need anything honorable. The city needs action. With a broken Black caucus in Lansing I cannot even fathom who Rep. Young would run for office.

If he is not for regionalization, privatizing city services and bringing in more educational options for our families then he is another obstruction to progress. What is his plan for keeping families in Detroit who live in unsafe areas and paying astronomical property taxes? We need more than just a Subway answer to tackle this crisis.

Hey, at least when he wins the Mayorial election District 4 will be an open seat again. He will win because those senior citizens will elect him to keep them in the past about what his father did when he ran Detroit. I am not confident that Rep. Young will reach out to our out-county neighbors for regional cooperation. The reason? His followers will remind him how racist White people are in Oakland and Macomb Counties. They will remind him how the Republicans have decimated Detroit and how we need to hold on to the city jewels.

Rita Jordan for State Representative in 2010 in District 4....that is all folks.

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RightMichigan.com said...

Could be worse... could be Kwame Kilpatrick, Jr.