Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ideological Hatred Leads To No Progess by Akindele Akinyemi

I thought we were passed this but apparently not. While Sen. Barack Obama has damn near clinched the Presidency of the United States (but I am not counting out Sen. John McCain) I am beginning to hear the growing hatred among Black liberals towards Black Republicans who choose to vote and support both Sen. McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin.

I have spoken on this type of hatred towards each other before. But it is escalating as we draw closer to Election Day.

Let me be the first one to say that America is not perfect. But we all live here. The fact that Blacks consistently continue to give the Democratic Party their vote year in and year out because of tradition is absolutely mindless and thoughtless. But when you have Blacks who want to switch their vote for the Republican Party because they don't see any progress in the democratic Party they are faced with the most severe form of hatred I have ever seen.

Every Black Republican I know has been a victim of ideological hatred coming from the Black community. How in the hell are we supposed to come together if we are practicing this type of emotional fear towards one another?

This year it is really bad because we have Blacks who are producing psycho babble in our community think we should support Sen. Obama because (1) he is Black and (2) he is talking about the economy. While he is Black and educated for any Black person to JUST vote for him because of his skin color is absolutely insane.

To my knowledge these Black Republicans who are supporting Obama is supporting the U.S. Senator because of his skin color and not his policies. They have been duped into thinking that Obama's polices will help re-shape America. This is far from the truth.

While I am a supporter of the ideal that Blacks should not be in one party we STILL do not get it. It is asinine to place all of your eggs in one basket thinking change will come. And when you decide to leave the liberal plantation because you are sick and tired of being sick and tired (in the words of the late Fannie Lou Hamer) you are called names such as Oreo, Uncle Tom, Boot-licking Uncle Tom, Straight-up Uncle Tom, Judas, Boy, Bug-eyed, Foot-shuffling, Sugarcane Negro, Handkerchief head, Trojan Horse, Anti-black, Pro-white, Remus, Sambo, Sambo-Tom, The Anti-Christ, Bush supporter, and traitor.

Black liberals have called sisters within our OWN race such as Tara Wall, Amy Holmes, Dr. Condoleeza Rice, and even Angela McGlowan the most disgusting names that can be attributed to a woman. A BLACK WOMAN at that. Not one BLACK MAN has come to their aid. But when Fox News Channel calls Michelle Obama, the angry Black woman, a "baby mama" we are ready to protest and raise hell. It is the same double standard that we never talk about. All women should be treated with respect. But our very own BLACK MEN will call our Black Republican women names WORSE than any rapper in a video. It is no wonder our community has failed our children.

While Black liberals continue to be angry at the current Republican administration let me put some things in perspective for you.

The City of Detroit is worse off today than when the White people first left 50 years ago. Everything we use in Detroit is imported. Even though we have been under Democratic control for 40 years we still blame Republicans for everything that happens in Detroit today. Our leaders are not men enough to accept responsibility for the abject poverty of our people. We accuse Republicans of plundering and pillaging the natural resources of Detroit. But I ask you, tell me, who are inviting them to do this? Are they not our own people?

Mayor Kenneth Cockrel of Detroit is a Democrat.

The entire Detroit City Council are Democrats.

The entire Detroit School Board are Democrats.

The Detroit Water Board are Democrats.

The State Representatives who represent Detroit are all Democrats.

The State Senators who represent Detroit are Democrats.

The Wayne County Commissioners who represent Detroit are Democrats.

The Wayne County Clerk is a Democrat.

The Wayne County Executive is a Democrat.

The Detroit City Planning Commission are Democrats.

The Detroit Office of the Mayor are Democrats.

The people working in Detroit Public Schools are Democrats.

The Detroit Planning and Development are Democrats.

BOTH Congressman John Conyers and Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks-Kilpatrick are Democrats.

Detroit City Clerk is a Democrat.

The Detroit Police Department are Democrats.

The Detroit Fire Department are Democrats.

The Unions (DFT, MEA, AFT, ATU, SEIU, UAW, AFL-CIO, etc. ) are Democrats.

Black Radio Stations (Radio One, WGPR, WHPR) are Democrats.

The Black Churches in our community support the Democratic Party.

The Detroit Public Library Board members are Democrats.

The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History are controlled by Democrats.

98% of the Neighborhood Block Clubs in Detroit are Democrats.

97% of the Neighborhood Associations are Democrats.

The Detroit Branch NAACP are Democrats.

The Wolverine Bar Association are Democrats.

The Michigan Chronicle, Michigan Citizen, and Michigan Front Page are Democratic newspapers.

The Black owned fast food restaurants are Democrats.

The Black Owned Gas Stations in Detroit are Democrats.

This is totally ridiculous to keep voting the same pattern year after year. While Asians, Jews, Arabs and Hispanics have political representation on both sides of the aisle BLACKS are the only race that are one side of the aisle. And that side is Democratic.

But what has changed in Detroit since we voted Democrat? For real? It is common sense that things are NOT changing if we keep the same political power in place in hopes of change. Do you think a Obama Administration is going to bring change with the same philosophical approach to political power? It simply DOES NOT WORK.

You have all of these DEMOCRATS running for Mayor in Detroit. Nothing will ever change in Detroit or Benton Harbor until YOU CHANGE THE DIRECTION OF THE PHILOSOPHICAL APPROACH TO SOLVING PROBLEMS.

Our old Black liberal leadership continues to rape, sellout and destroy the potential political balance that we could create here in Detroit, Benton Harbor, Chicago or wherever.

The MOST scary part of all of this is how YOUNG Black liberals who vote Democrat (because of their parents) are telling me that issues such as abortions, gay marriages and educational choice are issues that are NOT important in this election. Where are they getting this mess from? What country are they living in? The economy is a serious issue especially with the bailout of Wall Street but MOST BLACKS in our community do not even place the economy as a high priority because most of our parents have never taught us about money to begin with. If we would graduate from poverty and walk into the doors of prosperity then perhaps we would depend less on our government for a handout and work hard for a hand up.

Black liberals are sellouts when they allow same sex relationships to run amuck in our public schools and colleges. They are sellouts when they go to their Democratic conventions and come out of those meetings with no agenda to motivate the community. They have Black Caucuses and nothing comes from this at all but a bunch of old ideas, hate Republicans and ask for a redistribution of wealth. These are the same Black liberals who feel that if we increase funding for schools that the public schools will improve.

I want to go back to the young Black Liberal Democrats who are calling us Uncle Ruckus, Fat/Skinny ass Tom nigger, Aunt Jemima, and the likes. We understand that you are angry, incompetent, and cannot even articulate your position on why you are supporting Obama. It's exciting to see a Black man running for President. Now did anyone ever sit down with you and explain how Black people are hypocrites? In about a year's time we will hate this man because of his policies.

To teach you how ignorant you really are Obama wants to pull the troops out of Iraq. That is BAD policy. Period. Every single Black man and woman who I have spoken to in the past 24 hours have shared with me that an immediate pullout from Iraq would endanger the entire mission. Obama wants to take troops from Iraq and place them in Afghanistan. He cannot do that because there are TWO DIFFERENT military units over there. The military advisors that surround Obama are advisors from PEACE TIME NOT WAR TIME. So that kills his military and foreign policy "experience."

Other Obama FACTS that you do not want to hear.

ACORN came out with a statement that Obama lied about having no relationship with them when he trained over 50 of ACORN's staff.

One third of Americans DON'T PAY ANY TAXES SO OBAMA'S 95% OF AMERICANS GETTING A TAX CUT IS A LIE according to multiple sources including the Wall Street Journal.Top marginal rate for small businesses AND the upper middle class could be upwards of 70% & middle class tax raise due to his rescinding of the Bush Tax Cuts which is an increase on EVERYONE making 42K or more. Also Obama supporters don't complain about how we had a surplus under Clinton and now have a deficit when you want to support a candidate who wants to implement more than 1.7 trillion dollars in spending while supposedly cutting taxes on 95% of people, how does that work out? Worst economy since the Depression NO Obama's tax policy will lead to the worst economy since CARTER! You want to see an example of Obama's tax policy, look here in MICHIGAN. The same Michigan that Obama wants to appoint Gov. Granholm to be on the U.S. Supreme Court.

(c) Obama raised over $150 million dollars in September. Why are the polls tightening?

Muslim kids singing praises to Obama - they say how they are excited about Obama, their "Muslim brother" who will "destroy the great Satan from the inside." Obama can run around all day long protesting and lying by saying he never "studied Islam" even tho he said it himself in his own books; but it is clear how the Muslim world views him....kinda like liberals see him as their "Messiah" here in this country. No wonder he has been endorsed by every radical group and terrorist group in the world: for example Hamas or Hezbollah, etc.

Now when a Black Republican like Tara Wall, Angela McGlowan, Amy Holmes, Jesse Lee Peterson, Larry Elder or Michael Steele is telling the facts we are called buffoons, House Niggers, and being pimped by the "White" establishment. Meanwhile, the same liberals who are calling these people hateful names have embraced the new sexual revolution in our community. According to Star Parker, a Black Conservative who is also a target of hate from Black people, stated in her book White Ghetto that 70% of the problems in the Black community stems from sexual immorality.

I cannot believe that one person even told me while I was voting today, in Detroit, that Pro-Life issues are a thing of the past and that we should concentrate on pro-choice issues because it is a woman's decision to choose. This does not come from our community historically it comes from what I call a "foreign legion." Sounds like we want to leave the door open to abort a child so we can continue to f-everything that walks. We cannot even SIT in the same room with our women without plotting to get some ass before the night is over with. Now, men are plotting to get some ass from OTHER men. Women are plotting to gt some ass from OTHER WOMEN. What happens when men STOP leading in the community? The entire environment collapses. Period.

The truth is we want to leave that door open just in case we do not want to have that baby. Not rape. Not down syndrome. Not the baby getting sick in the womb. Not the whole I'm not ready to have a baby mess. Leaving the door to abort that child based on both sex partner's irresponsibility. If the door is cracked they can continue their sexual conquest from partner to parter. We are out of control as a community. We cannot control our sexual desires. Proof of this is the high level of HIV/AIDS, Herpes and other STDs.

Sexual stimulation is completely out of control to the extent of where sex is on billboards, in schools and even in church. Sex rules everything around us. Now we want to place pro-life issues on the back burner because it is NOT an issue in this election. Personal responsibility has been placed in the rear because it is easy to preach victimization and Christ has been placed on the mantle to support the liberal policies that continue to fail our community.

I am so sick and damn tired of Black people in this city, in this state and in this country complaining about what the Republicans or WHITE people have done to our race. While the Republican Party has flaws and White people are NOT perfect by any means I am tired of this anti-American bulls*&^ that resonates in the BLACK community. If you don't like America please hop your ass on a plane or a boat and go to the country where you do not have any freedoms. Set up shop in Iraq or Palestine where you are subject to car bombs and other crap that 4 year old children go though daily. Or maybe you want to go to a hellhole like the Congo where they have been fighting a war for over a decade. Or maybe you want to be part of the international sex trade that is going on worldwide. Whatever you want to go please leave this country because you do not appreciate America.

I mean these same people who continue to practice this extreme hatred towards Black Republicans possess anywhere from a high school diploma to a Ph.D. The United States, through its flaws, is a wonderful country. If we would LEAVE the damn inner city sometimes we can appreciate our fellow man and woman regardless of race, income or class. While Blacks IN THIS COUNTRY cry about how America has oppressed us the same BLACKS in the African Diaspora come over here and prosper. These Africans have fought in CIVIL WARS, fought famine, lost WHOLE families to AIDS, and genocide. Yet, they come here, go to school and CHOOSE to either stay here, raise their families and prosper or GO HOME and do the same thing.

The media, which is very liberal, have allowed sex on every channel. I mean Christ, even Zane has her Sex Chronicles show on Cinemax. We go to Borders and Barnes and Nobles and can see MORE sex books in the African American literature section than any other books dealing with the African American experience. Think about it. The entire media establishment cones down on Fox News. ONE NETWORK. Meanwhile,
MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Detroit Free Press, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, CNN, PBS, Newsweek, almost every news magazine, newspaper, BET, MTV, VH1, AP, BBC, Comedy Central, MTV, Hollywood, etc has done a great job of shaping our world view in our community.

What further disgusts me is how some of these losers accuse Black Republicans possessing self-hatred. So you mean I have self-hatred because I love being Black, who have STOPPED blaming others for my failures, who loves Jesus Christ with all my heart, who is a proud parent who actually takes the time to show my child that I care, who works hard as hell to get ahead without blaming others, loves America, respects other cultures and other people's backgrounds, loves the free market, fights like hell for our parents and children by fighting for educational options, applaud people's success, prays, is pro-life, who does not and refuse to tolerate same sex marriages/relationships, supports our military, a student of history and culture, prays, helps and loves his fellow man or woman regardless of race, loves education, and supports our elders in the community. The most important thing of having self-hatred is speaking the truth regardless of what others might say. Every single woman I have ever met have told me if you want to keep a relationship going strong be truthful. If telling the truth is a form of self-hatred then you are lost.

Regardless of Obama wins the election or not Black Republicans have to do a better job in standing up for what is right. TAKE BACK WHAT IS OURS in our community with NO APOLOGY. There is NO reason why our Black Republican women should be attacked as they have been. Just to SIT and WATCH a Black liberal post Angela McGlowan's wedding pictures on PORNOGRAPHY SITES WORLDWIDE without ANY ALARM is outrageous. We are just as guilty as liberals by allowing this sickening behavior in our community. I, personally, will not tolerate this crap AT ALL and neither should you.

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Another bootlickin Tom.

How the fuck can you defend being a Republican after the total mess they've made of the country over the last 8 years?

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