Saturday, October 04, 2008

McCain's Bailout by Akindele Akinyemi

Well, the end has officially arrived. Senator John McCain has given up Michigan. With that in mind he has officially lost the election overall. I am so sickened to death that a Black man, who does not share my Christian values, will run the last Superpower on Earth beginning in January 2009.

I am declaring defeat. Yes, I am throwing in the towel. It's a damn shame it had to come to this. Four years of Sen. Barack Obama is going to be hell on wheels because he is not trying to reach out to conservatives but Log Cabin Republicans and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I would not be surprised to see the Michigan House Democrats actually gain 15 house seats in November. Wow, that makes the job a lot harder for educational options proponents, for family advocates who want to support traditional values and most of all religious freedom will be chopped in half or eliminated.

Why would John McCain pull out of Michigan? Yes, he was down by 10% in Michigan and felt that it was more of a strategic move. To tell you the truth, it was dumb as hell point blank.

Did McCain forget that he supported a full GOP ticket in Michigan? What will happen to those GOP House seats, Congressional seats, County Commission seats, etc.? Many voters in Michigan vote straight ticket and without an active McCain presence many conservative voters may sit at home.

What happened? The Maverick just got pimped slapped by Chicago's South Side Hustler.

Sen. Obama has just clinched Michigan when McCain left. If McCain would have taken his campaign right into the ghettos of Detroit he would have probably made a dent. At the bare least he would have made some headway to show urban people that Republicans do care.

What about the people in Detroit who are STILL undecided and wanted to hear McCain up and personal? How come his advisers always wanted him to avoid Detroit to speak to the, in the words of Gov. Sarah Palin, the Joe Six Pack, the unwed mothers in the community or father who was just laid off from work?

And to further show disunity, Gov. Palin said in a Fox News interview that she would like to continue to campaign in Michigan. Palin WANTS to campaign and McCain DOES NOT want to campaign in Michigan. What in the hell is going on here? This is a point of confusion with both candidates. John Stryker does not even have to spend money on this election because we have imploded. The GOP is screwed up and need fresh new leadership starting at the local and county levels. Michael Steele should be running the National GOP. Instead of running Black Republicans for Congressional seats across America we need these same people to run for district, county and state GOP seats across America. We have to encourage Black Republicans to run for local seats FIRST before national seats.

Republicans complain about how the Democratic Party has taken advantage of Black people. Yes, we all know that the Democratic Party takes advantage of Black people. So what is the Republican Party doing different to bring Blacks into the party? Not a damn thing. Proof? Where is McCain's urban policy agenda?

Obama HAS a urban policy agenda. Regardless of how I personally feel about the agenda at least he has a sales pitch. McCain only sales pitch was at the NAACP when he told Black people in the crowd to embrace educational options. Outside of that where is the urban policy for Team McCain? Where is the urban policy for the GOP? These are questions that must be followed up with an answer.

Both State and National GOP must begin to reinvent themselves in a way that will help bring Blacks to the party. Many White people who I speak to in the GOP often tell me that Black Americans must take the party back and move it forward. Blacks should just TAKE the party away from this old, stale version of leadership. It's time out for BS and we need to take control of our destiny. There is no reason why any GOP official should allow a national candidate to just pull out of a battleground state. This is a breach of contract (in so many ways).

The GOP must stop making excuses on coming into the inner cities and sell their message of hope and opportunity. We are afraid of emotional liberals in Detroit. I walked around in the Labor Day parade on September 1, 2008 in Detroit with my "I am a Black Republican" t-shirt on in front of union leaders, hostility, Obama supporters, and anti-Republicans. I was confronted, damn near ambushed, and I cannot count how many full blown arguments I encountered in Downtown Detroit. We debated the issues from why I was not supporting Obama, to infanticide, to abortion rights and same sex marriages. We discussed taxes and urban policies. When it was over people took heed to the message I was speaking of in terms of my positions.

My point was I was not afraid to walk the fire alone. Most of my GOP colleagues preach Jesus Christ but I wonder how many are actually walking with Christ when it comes down to work and educating those who are blind?

McCain told that he was interested in talking to African Americans about the McCain plan. After pulling out of Michigan I doubt that he will still have that talk. The GOP this year can hang it up.

But just because I am throwing in the towel does not mean I will vote for Obama. I am still voting for McCain/Palin. We will be back in 2010.


michlib said...

You'll be back in 2010? For what? Presidential terms are 4 years, champ.

Akindele said...

2010...Governor elecations and state senate.