Thursday, October 09, 2008

Obama's Slick Tax Policy & Why I’m Not Fooled!!! by Quanicia Wilson

I apologize in advance for the length of this blog but Obama's "Robin Hood" act has me hot. Here is the truth of the matter.Obama's tax policy will not only hurt the "rich" but will hurt the average everyday American. Obama claims that his plan would only tax the TOP 5% which is utter b.s. I want to straighten this fallacy out. Let's use common sense people, how is he gonna pay for his additional 1 trillion dollar annual increase in spending for all his social entitlement programs if he "only" raises taxes on the top 5% (it is estimated that it would only increase tax revenue by several billion a year). Where do you think the rest of the money 2 pay for all his fake socialistic programs is gonna come from? Let me give you a will come from YOU!

Obama is not only targeting people over 250,000.

He avoids the subject as much as he can, but also advocates removing the cap on Social Security taxes, which is now at 102,000. That's the dirty little secret!Currently, someone who makes 150,000 would pay 9,110 in payroll (SS) tax.With the cap removed, that tax would become 11,353, that's a 2,200 increase (24% increase in payroll tax). If its 200,000 looks like this: with cap: 9,990 (the additional 880 is medicare tax which has no limit) without cap: 15,342; that's an increase: 5,352 (53% increase in payroll tax). Don't forget, the payroll tax isn't reduced by dependents or deductions or capital losses. These figures are accurate for EVERYONE. So you don't even need to get to 250,000 and get hammered with the "tax hike for the rich" to get hammered with the "tax hike for the middle."

Lastly, if he raises taxes on the so-called rich, those that make 250K or more per year, how will that affect the economy? The majority of those who make that income are small business owners (who hire the majority of people in this country) who have beauty salons, pawn shops, gas stations, barber shops, CPAs, mom & pop restaurants, etc. who are able to claim their business income on their personal tax returns. Of course that is before expenses and loss. So in all essence, your boy who cuts hair may bring in 250K in receipts but only take home 30K per year but due to Obama's horrible and punitive tax plans, he is considered rich. The combined federal tax rate for those individuals will end up (when you combine all the tax increases he wants i.e. capital gains, payroll, social security, global poverty tax, etc) it will make their combined tax rate upwards of 55%. I know, I have owned a small business since May 2000. That will lead to layoffs and bankruptcies because those businesses will have 2 let people go because what they were paying the employee, will now be taken in taxes. Also, he better stop this, "Im gonna tax the rich b.s." because they already pay the majority of taxes in this country.

Think of it this way: less than 3-1/2 dollars out of every $100 paid in income taxes in the United States is paid by someone in the bottom 50% of wage earners. Are the top half millionaires? No, more like "thousandaires." The top 50% were those individuals or couples filing jointly who earned $29,019 and up in 2003. (The top 1% earned $295,495-plus.) Americans who want to continue to improve their lives, and those who don't want to, aren't. Here are the wage earners in each category and the percentages they pay:

- The top 1% pay over a third, 34.27% of all income taxes.
- The top 5% pay 54.36% of all income taxes
- The top 10% pay 65.84%
- The top 25% pay 83.88%

The bottom 50%? They pay a paltry 3.46% of all income taxes (that rate is lower than the one from 2002: 3.50%).
I know when the checks came out when Bush passed his tax cuts, my sister who has 3 kids, got a check for almost $4000.00, that's in addition to her regular refund she had gotten earlier in the year. The top 1% is paying nearly ten times the federal income taxes than the bottom 50%! How much more Obama are you gonna take from them?

It is a fact that if you raise taxes in a struggling economy, you make it worse and that leads to a recession which is defined as 2 (two) consecutive cycles of negative GDP i.e. growth. We have not experienced that and it is the high gas prices and the diversion of corn for food to ethanol that is causing alot of the economic difficulty on average Americans. We are not in a recession but Michigan is because they continually raise taxes everytime there is an economic cycle.Also, they whine about job losses and the majority of those losses right now are from blue states with punitive tax codes and excessive spending. Not to mention that Michigan, as well as New York, according to Gov David Patterson, are in 1 state recessions because those states have become welfare states. Obama has even flip flopped saying that if there is a recession, he would suspend his tax increases because it will make it worse. There it is, he admitted it.

Also, please spare me "Clinton balanced the budget and Bush ruined it tripe..." Clinton was able to take advantage of 12 years of economic growth based on the policies of the Reagan and Bush 41 administrations and growth in the technology sector. Clinton also balanced the budget BECAUSE he had a Republican congress that stopped his liberal spending in its tracks, pushed him to pass the Republicans' version of welfare reform (which he took credit for), as well as the fact he gutted the military by 3/4 and dismantled the intelligence community leaving us totally unprepared for September 11th. I was in the army then and I can tell you that we had nothing and lost so many of our benefits!!! The bubble burst near 2000 and Bush inherited a recession when he came into office. Add the effects of 9-11 on the economy, more entitlement spending (which was wrong), and having to rebuild the national security sector of this country in order to execute the war on terror.

He also has no clue about capital gains and admitted that during his debate that capital gains increases kill the economy and lowering the tax rate encourages investment and stimulates the economy. He said it isn't even about what it does to the economy, its about "fairness." Fairness? Give me a break. What is fair about the govt taking $2000 per month out of our household pay to pay for illegals, lazy ass women who keep having babies out of wedlock, people sucking off medicaid while wearing bling, or my tax $ paying for lawyers for terrorist detainees (who he believes deserve American legal rights)? We are not rich by any means, we are a dual income family. I have a son with a disability and take care of my older grandmother and I need my money for MY FAMILY!!!! I'm sick of it. According to tax returns, Obama only gave 5% of his 2007 income to charity last year, Biden only reported about $600 in charity last year, but McCain gave 26% of his income 2 charity (he files separate tax returns than his wife). It seems liberals are only generous with other peoples's money. Yet he wants to cut money from the military and national defense. It is obvious that he doesn't understand the constitution and that his first responsibility is to protect and defend the United States.

He had the nerve to say that China has better infrastructure than the USA and are building. Are you kidding me? There he goes again bashing the country "he says he loves so much." Maybe that's because their people are living in crumbling unsafe buildings, are starving for the most part, are only allowed to have 1 child (forced abortion and infanticide over there), have no wacked out environmental lobby to worry about, don't give a damn about the environment, and are oppressed by a communist and abusive dictatorship that deprives its citizens about basic human rights. Where is the "outrage" of the left who freaks out if we don't treat a goldfish properly or when someone says something offensive to women or minorities? Where are they?

Then he continues to go on with NO UNDERSTANDING about economics.
Obama had the nerve 2 tell Bill O'Reilly that if a person is "sitting pretty" financially, we shouldn't mind giving more of our money. He said that's just neighborly.He tells me that I need to be "neighborly" and let the government take MY HARD EARNED money and redistribute it to someone else!!! Bullsh*t. How about, Obama, I decide how to be neighborly or where my charitable monetary contributions go to. You know the causes I BELIEVE IN!!! I'm sick of this. He can try to buy all the votes he wants through empty giveaways but I believe that there are still more of US responsible hardworking folks than those kind of Americans.

Where my husband and I are today is because of the "CHOICES AND DECISIONS" we have made in our lives! Both my husband and I have gone through lots of struggles and overcame them without the government's interference and handouts. I love how people like to see where we are now, judge us and say "we just don't understand what its like." Really?

Here are the facts. I was born to a 17 year old teenage unwed mother, grew up not knowing for sure who my real dad was, and when I found out, my real father (who I thought was a friend of the family) was killed when I was young (by drunk driving illegal aliens in California I might add - they never found them). My dad who raised me was a salesman (of everything from cars to vacuum cleaners) and my mom worked sporadically (going through many layoffs through my childhood). There were four of us kids, latch-key kids at that. Since I was the oldest I had to learn and know how to cook, clean, sew, iron, babysit, etc. Not to mention the fact that I experienced racist behavior towards me because I was one of very few black girls in an all white school. Things like the bus driver refusing to pick me up when I was in kindergarten, teaching dumping my desk over in front of the class in 3rd grade, or not being able to make some of the teams I tried out for; while listening to blatant racist comments being made. I understand that there is still some racism out there but that was a long time ago and things have changed a lot. You don't play victim and let that stop you.
Anyways, I, often went to work with my grandmother at night to help her as nurse working with the elderly, poor, and mentally handicapped in nursing homes and state hospitals for the mentally ill. Many nights I slept in the cold breakrooms while she made her rounds. Many times I helped her with her medication rounds walking outside in the blistering cold from one building to another. My 1st job at 9 was getting up at 4am and delivering newspapers in order to give the money that I made to my mom to support the family. At age10 until I was 17, I volunteered working with disabled and elderly people. I also volunteered to work with Head Start, Meals on Wheels, Big Brother & Big Sisters, the Urban League, etc. When I was 12, I had 3 people close to me die of AIDS, one was my cousin who was 13 was a hemophiliac who contracted it through a blood transfusion, the others two were gay and unfortunately contracted it through sexual behavior. Boy, those were tragic yet very impactful lessons I learned about personal responsibility and controlling my behavior. To this day I miss them all.

My senior year in high school, I moved in with my grandmother.We lived in one of the most violent cities in Ohio and lived at the YWCA - 1 phone, 1 shower, 1 kitchenette, 1 bathroom for the entire floor. Upstairs from us was the rehab program for crack addicted mothers and their babies; who often came to our floor and stole the little bit we had. I was so excited to live amongst other black people, I felt I was finally home (as some put it), and was so hurt to see that there was still racism within my own race which was even worse. That year I went through more abuse, racism, and harassment from my own people; it was so disappointing. They would say that "I talked white" or "I have good hair" (whatever that means ), or that because I studied and got good grades instead of running the streets, that I "thought I was better than everyone else." I never thought I was better than anyone and to this day, name calling and those same old tactics don't phase me, I've been through worse.

After graduation, I worked my way through one semester of college and enlisted in the US Army, I wanted to make my own way in life not depend on someone else. I spent 6 yrs in happily and proudly serving my country in the intelligence community. As an adult I have experienced joys and challenges like everyone else. I have been in an abusive relationship, have been laid off due to extended illness, and had a doctor's unauthorized botched outpatient surgery almost cost me my life. I have had 5 lifesaving surgeries, had a child diagnosed with autism, have been unemployed without health insurance, and had my husband lose his job due to Enron and then subsequently lose another one as a result of 9-11. I have home schooled our kids and had to fight as an advocate for our son's education.

While going through this, we got laughed at for years because we didn't have the latest bling, because we drove old cars, because we lived on the bad side of town until 2 yrs ago, and didn't spend tons of money on expensive clothing, jewelry, entertainment, or personal pampering. Its funny that NOW that we have some nice material possessions and an intact happy family, those same people hate on us or have the nerve to say that "we forgot where we came from," are "sell-outs," or just don't understand the "black experience and what it is like." To them I say, YOU HAVE MADE YOUR CHOICES, I HAVE MADE MINE!!!

I didn't want to share a sobstory because we have become stronger through ALL of those experiences. We have not been perfect but I refuse to hear this manchild lecture us about how we in America don't GIVE enough, or CARE enough, or WHATEVER!!! We are the most generous nation on the planet and so much of our tax money is taken and given to causes that alot of us are against like to the ungrateful anti-American UN or to pay for peoples' repeated irresponsible choices for example!!! I have compassion for the elderly and disabled but if you can physically work, get off your butt. I am not heartless but if that "waitress" Obama talked about, makes minimum wage and tips can't afford as nice of a car as someone else, so! She has made CHOICES that have led her to that situation and there are more than enough existing entitlement programs out there for her to use and for many to abuse. The "single mom" who has 3 kids and can't afford health insurance...pure b.s. Every state has free healthcare available through Medicaid AND some time of SCHIP program that is available (like here we have Peachcare for Kids and you can make $30K a year and get that). Let's use not just the heart but the head as well - SHE CHOSE TO BEHAVE IN SUCH A WAY THAT SHE HAS 3 KIDS WITHOUT A HUSBAND...SHE MADE CHOICES!!!

For those Obama supporters who feel entitled and say that it is the "right thing" to take from the producers and give to the non-producers, what right do you have to anyone else's hard earned money? I think that at this point in my life and what we, as many others, have gone through and overcome, MR OBAMA, I THINK I HAVE EARNED THE DAMN RIGHT TO DECIDED WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH MY OWN MONEY and I BELIEVE THAT MANY OF YOU READING THIS BLOG HAVE TOO!!!!

Look below at what OBAMA has studied and the book he says he loves. *I would never read some tripe that is dedicated to the "original radical Lucifer" but Obama has...


Independent Scared Right said...

Please don't stop voicing your objective thoughts. Once you try and point to actual people being hurt by the Obama plan...they quickly change the dialogue focusing on "the evil" corporations needing to be taxed more or some other bob and weave tactic. You can't class business on the basis of profits - some small businesses have high profits and some large business don't even turn a why penalize the ones that turn a profit(Create more Jobs) and are successful small or large. The Obama camp would like you to believe that it's only the wealthy & big business that will be taxed...but that's just not true - what they mean is profitable business and many dual income households WILL BE HURT. - with profits and income above 250K. Essentially right when a business is on the cusp of real growth...the Obama plan will penalize them to give other people a check. Do they not think that households who have dual income 250k or greater don't spend money? Gee let's think...they probably have a house that just had a mortgage ARM increase, have day-care, cause they work and all the other ancillary costs that make it difficult to be the most innovative and productive work force in the world...not to mention that all Americans spend, spend spend. ALL Americans spend ...that's what we do! If people can't connect the dots that Jobs and the economy in general will suffer with the Obama Tax Plan - there judgment has to be impaired. Has the middle class become nothing more than a dejected group waiting on the doll-out line for hand out? I am middle class and I find the whole approach insulting. Americans want Jobs, not hand outs and with those job(s)people want to have the opportunity to accumulate wealth that's not regulated by the government. I travel globally for my current job and this is what the rest of the world envies about the United States. Why some people want to trash the "American Dream" at the cost of distributing well fare checks... I can't understand.

P said...

You tell a very moving story and I am glad that you are able to do well despite all of the difficult past experiences, but that still does not put you above critique.

One, it is nice that you are able to copy/paste from Rush Limbaugh's site ( and Sean Hannity's site ( That is call plagiarism unless you credit your sources. Blog posting are published material and you do still need to avoid plagiarism.

Second, the argument about percentages and taxes is always misleading. We live in an income tax system. The keyword being - income. Thus people who make more, pay more. This would be the case even in a flat tax system that many conservatives advocate. The 50% of wage earners number is misleading. Even using Rush's numbers that you use, admittedly the "top 25%" of wage earners make approx 2/3 of the income. The "top 50%" of wage earners make approx 85% of the income. Thus even in a flat tax system the "top 50%" would be expected to pay 85% of the taxes since they make 85% of the money. We do have a progressive tax system, however, thus the upper incomes are taxed at a slightly higher rate. Thus the upper incomes due a higher amount of the taxes (but less then 10% more then would be expected), but far from the misleading picture that these numbers paint.

Thirdly, most would admit that the ubber-rich (millionaires) pay far less then their quoted "tax bracket" percentage because of loop holes, capital gain, inheritance, and other write offs. Warren Buffet (who John McCain mentioned as being a good candidate for Secretary of Treasury) noted the idiocy that he pays a lower percentage in taxes then his secretary who was making only $60K ( It is ridiculous that this multi-billionaire pays a lower percentage in taxes then someone making $60, but that is the current system.

While I respect your opinion and definitely respect your right to express it, I would attempt to provide a little more accuracy and a little less misleading information and plagiarism.

Anonymous said...

P thank you for calling QW out. She's seems more of a mouthpiece/parrot for some group she is part of. A sign of insecurity. True believers flow on their own and say what they really know and feel, not jump on some bandwagon and repeat what "friends" are saying. JJ

Anonymous said...

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