Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Message To The Masses: Country First by Akindele Akinyemi

I just wanted to take the time out to thank all of you for keeping the fire going in terms of debate and standing up for what you believe.

Now it's my turn to talk about what is getting ready to happen on Election Day Tuesday.

First, I am glad to be an urban conservative. Not just a Black conservative but an urban conservative. I am glad to be part of the Republican Party. I, unlike many other Black Republicans, am not interested in joining a party to get status, be included or be part of the social club.

While other Republicans have fallen off in terms of what the party stands for I have not fallen off. I am a conservative. I am unapologetic and unbought when it comes to my core Christian values. While I have heard both conservatives and liberals discuss with me about how we have more important issues pressing the Black community and the need to discuss about abortion and gay marriages have passed I humbly but harshly disagree. Apparently, those who think like this do not fully understand what is getting ready to happen.

Here in Michigan we are faced with a severe danger of losing our liberties. For example, homosexual billionaire Jon Stryker from Kalamazoo has pumped in millions of dollars again to expand the Democratic State House. There are several seats that are in jeopardy that were traditionally Republican. This man has the Michigan Democrats attacking good conservative men and women such as Amy Peterson and Bryan Brandenburg. Stryker's mission? To push homosexuality in K-12 education. How does he do it? Expand the Democratic powerbase here in Michigan.

We have a serious erosion of morals and ethics here in Michigan. Three weeks ago a 16 year old was shot to death at Detroit Henry Ford High School. I recently spoke to a teacher at a Detroit Public Schools who told me directly that the gay and lesbian gangs are out of control. Children are afraid to take a piss in the laboratory without having fear of being jumped and raped. Teachers are afraid to teach because they do not know if it will be their last day on Earth.

When I trace this type of behavior and connect it to the politics I find that the Democratic Party's leadership is responsible for the erosion and decline of the inner cities in Michigan. I look at Detroit. It is America's Poorest City due to the high adult illiteracy rate, poor leadership, lack of the middle class and handout mentality. I cannot find one Republican who is elected to leadership in Detroit. Liberals like to say that the unions are not responsible for the decline of this once great city but these are the same unions that do not want competition to come into the city.

It is ridiculous for a city like Detroit not to have mass rail transit because the unions do not want competition. Or the teacher unions do not want charter schools to come in and compete with the awful Detroit Public Schools. Again, this is under Democratic leadership.

Michigan has lost 249,000 jobs under Gov. Jennifer Granholm. Now we have some Democratic Governors that produce jobs in their respective states. Not this one. Yet, thanks to Jon Stryker back in 2006, he helped Granholm get re-elected. This is the same Governor that once said she would not raise our taxes during a debate with then Gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos on statewide television. Then the Governor and HER HOUSE Democrats raised our taxes. She fell asleep at the wheel with Honda and promotes Cool Cities while young people need jobs to help raise their families.

Under this Democratic leadership Detroit, Highland Park, Inkster, River Rouge, Ecorse, Flint, Saginaw, Benton Harbor and Ypsilanti Township has been hit hard under these dismal policies.

So how come this year people want to continue voting Democrat. Thank Sen. Barack Obama for that.

The Presidential election on Tuesday will be the most important election ever in U.S. History. We are talking about Sen. Obama moving to become the first African American to become President. That, alone, is history itself.

I must confess I seriously tried to make myself support Sen. Obama. He is young, articulate, wife is well educated, and has a lot of mileage on him. I sat for a while to give him a chance to show me what he was about. While I had criticized him on several policies early on I still wanted to support him at some point. I mean we are talking about the first Black President ever in the United States.

So I begin my internal research. I traveled to Chicago. I been to Trinity United Church of Christ. I interviewed and talked to people that knew him. I did more research on Obama, his family and his past associations. Then I began to critically analyze his policies. I pulled up his record from the Illinois State Senate and analyzed each point with other people who were part of various think tanks. I did not like what I saw. I pulled up his record in the U.S. Senate. I analyzed his positions on energy, civil rights, and foreign policy to name a few. I was stunned at what I found.

For those who know me personally they know I work in a bi-partisan approach. Education should be solved with a bi-partisan approach for our children. So when I heard Obama state that he was for charter schools I said to myself that is a positive. However, I do not believe him because this was the same line that Gov. Granholm uses for votes and support. If the Democratic Party in Michigan was serious about charter schools they would cooperate with us, along with the Michigan Educational Association, to give us room under the current cap for our children. But they are not for the children other than indoctrination of liberal ideology that will further keep our children behind.

I do not believe Obama, nor Jon Stryker, are for the children. Liberal education has damaged our children for generations. Our children are skipping in the halls. Our parents do not show up for parent teacher conferences. Liberal policies in education has turned our schools into social wastelands instead of academic excellence. And I am having trouble with those who are blindly following Obama because it's ok to teach gay literature to our children but it's a violation of church and state to pray in schools. If we stressed morals and ethics in our public schools we would not be seeing the chaos in our classrooms. Why does it take 30 minutes to get a classroom under control? There was a point in time when students respected the space of the classroom now we do not even show up.

I will like to set the record straight on Sen. John McCain. He has been in the U.S. Congress for 26 years. He has the experience. I personally do not buy they "Maverick" hype just like I do not buy into the "Change and Hope" crap that Obama is spewing. I pulled up McCain's record. To me he is a career politician. Just like Congressmen Dale Kildee from Flint, John Conyers from Detroit and John Dingell from Dearborn.

He is 72 years old. He cannot get around like he used to. As a family man I am always concerned about the health of any man or woman regardless of color. But he is running and I feel that anyone can run for the Presidency if he/she has shown experience in other areas such as Governorship.

Neither of these candidates has ever been a Governor before. So both of them are not good candidates to me. Therefore, I had to pick the lesser of two evils.

First, I wanted to vote third party because Obama had picked Sen. Joe Biden to be his Vice President. I am no fan of Biden and his ignorant comments towards certain ethic groups. He is also a career politician. I looked at Bob Barr who is running on the Libertarian Party's ticket, Cynthia McKinney who is running on the Green Party's ticket, Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party and Alan Keyes. I was not impressed with none of these candidates so back to picking the lesser of the two evils.

While many Black liberals have been pressuring me of supporting Obama I would ask why should I support this Black Liberal Democrat whose policies are identical to those Black Liberal Democrats here in Detroit that has failed? I could never get a straight answer. I would get an answer from supporters of Obama such as "we need a change" and "look at what the Republican Party has done." I would hear hateful things about President Bush.

To me that is NOT a reason to vote for Obama.

I am not a fan of President Bush. I believe that he has taken our party South. There is so much in-fighting in our party it's like a civil war going on. What is funny is that these same Obama supporters cannot even give me a core reason why Bush is a bad President other than what they have read or seen on television.

Now these same people are trying to paint Mr. McCain as a "Bush 3." This is the same McCain that was supported by liberals, damn near became a Democrat himself, and has a history of working across the isle with Democrats. I am not making the connection of McCain being another "Bush."

I am also not making the connection of Obama being an Arab, being Kenyan, raised Muslim and practiced Black Liberation Theology. I am a Nigerian-American, spent my teen years practicing Islam, and spent five years preaching Black Liberation Theology. Does this disqualify me from running for President, Governor or Mayor?

So many people want to really know why I am supporting John McCain for President. I have gave many reasons when I endorsed him. But people are still asking this question.

Let me make it clear that John McCain was not my first choice. No way no how. I supported Gov. Mike Huckabee. I was extremely disappointed when Huckabee did not make it and we were going to be the laughing stock of politics.

However, I changed when Gov. Sarah Palin stepped on the scene. The 44 year old from Alaska was young and she was a GOVERNOR. I was desperately seeking someone in this pathetic Presidential race with some executive experience. She is a "hockey mom." She has five children and is married. She hunts for moose. Her speech at the RNC Convention was electric.

I will admit her interview with Katie Couric was pitiful. She has stumbled several times and I even had to question myself if she was a worthy vice president. Then I heard her debate Sen. Biden. Of course she did not know as much as Biden (who is old enough to be her father) when it came to Washington politics but she managed to hold her ground.

I did not like it when she called Obama a terrorist. That was not cool. It was immature as hell.

But the McCain-Palin ticket is what America needs right now. I knew Palin was the one because she was being targeted by the liberal media 24/7. It is sickening for the media to harass her. It is sickening for the media to blow some of Obama's comments out of proportion. But Tina Fey every single week on SNL acting like she is Gov. Palin?

Black people would call me or e-mail me to say how ignorant she was. These same Black hypocrites did not say a damn thing when Democratic Governor Granholm keep on losing jobs and cannot stop the brain drain from leaving Michigan. They re-elected her....97% of the Detroit electorate re-elected her out of fear and ignorance.

There are 10 core reasons why I cannot support my Kenyan brother. As MUCH as I wanted to support an African this is one brother I cannot support right now.

(1) Obama wants to sign the Freedom Choice Act. There is too much death in the Black community as it is. How will this benefit our people? I do not want my tax dollars going towards abortions. This is an ethic waste of money. His support of infanticide is unethical and immoral.

(2) He is not clear on his own tax policy. Do the middle class receive a tax cut if they make over $250K, $200K, $150K or $120K?

(3) I do not like the fact that he hides his relationships with Professor William Ayers, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Minister Louis Farrakhan or Tony Rezko. This is dishonest to the American people. If I do not hide my associations with the people I have known in the past why should Obama?

(4) Obama's plan of income redistribution is not smart economics. How will this help the poor in the inner city other than keeping us dependent of government?

(5) He wants to push for universal health care in America? Who is going to pay for it when America cannot afford it?

(6) I am not comfortable about how it is patriotic to pay taxes in America when Obama has given less than 5% to charity while Sen. Biden gave less than $3500 to charity when he has made over $2 million.

(7) His military policies are alarming. He wants to cut 25% of military and national defense spending in a post 9/11 world.

(8) His selection of judges to the U.S. Supreme Court is scary. Anyone who wants Gov. Granholm on the bench of the nation's highest court is not thinking smart.

(9) His judgement of allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire in 2010 would cost a family of four making $50K per year to pay a tax increase of $2500 in increased tax liability.

(10) His clarity on people paying higher taxes would have small businesses penalized and will be forced to lay off workers, cut benefits and or go under?

Also, I am not a fan of Saul Alinsky. I studied his works in undergrad. He sounds like BAMN or the Revolutionary Workers League. For Obama to embrace his work and his codewords of "Change and Hope" is no more than leading the masses of people to further confusion. Yes, we do need change but seeing that Obama's policies would further make our urban centers deteriorate further I think he is not ready for this challenge.

But I also applaud Obama for getting our young adults fired up and engaged in the political process. The same can be said for Gov. Palin. There are young people walking the streets, phone banking, door knocking, the countless debates, and even teaching our children the difference between Obama and McCain.

In the inner city Black people are fired up for Obama. While we support a Black candidate for President will these same Black people in their respective areas support Black Republican right here in Michigan? Oakland County Commisioner Mike Rogers in Farmington Hills is in a tight battle against a Jon Stryker candidate. It would be totally unfair to unseat Commissioner Rogers because Blacks and Whites have this hate towards Republicans and are voting emotionally for Obama.

The Oakland County Democrats want to control the Oakland County Commission and turn it into the same corrupt system like Wayne County. If we allow that to happen in less than five years Oakland County will be in deep deficits.

What about Portage City Council member Larry DeShazor? He is from the Kalamazoo area. Stryker has a candidate against DeShazor.

Muskegon County Clerk Karen Buie is the only Black Republican female County Clerk in the nation. Do we want her out because of the Obama wave?

My point is that we are going to lose GOOD, QUALIFIED, people if we vote on Obama-motion.

Sharon Tyler is fighting like hell in Southern Berrien County in Southwest Michigan against Judy Truesdell..another Stryker candidate. I personally went to hear these ladies duke it out in a debate in Berrien Springs. While Tyler has the edge to be State Representative Truesdell has a serious ground game that is threatening to SPLIT the county between Democrats and Republicans. This is a crisis.

And those Black Republicans who have sided with Obama and the Democrats for whatever reasons it tells me something about your character. This is not the time to cry about the lack of inclusiveness in the Republican Party. This is not the time to say social issues are not important. Do you realize that a win for Obama could possibly set us back 10-20 years? In Michigan, we are suffering bad under Democratic leadership. If Jon Stryker keeps on winning these seats and the lack of a ground game the GOP may become non-existent.

Obama and his supporters has successfully divided the Black Republican base. What happens if Obama wins on November 5th? Do you think Black Republicans will be included at the table? Remember how the Congressional Black Caucus disrespected former Connecticut Rep. Gary Franks under President Bill Clinton? You will NOT have a seat under an Obama Administration.

Black Republicans MUST have their own game plan not wait on the RNC, DNC, State Party, President or Governor. The plan must connect domestic and international policies throughout the African Diaspora. I will discuss this further after November 4th.

Obama supporters have made the economy the issue in this election. OUR issues never even showed up at the door. How could we allow this to happen right under our noses?

All I can say is get out and vote for your candidate. I am prayerful that McCain-Palin will win on Tuesday. The McCain-Palin ticket is OUR ONLY CHOICE AND ONLY WAY right now as Republicans. There is NO TIME to FIGHT among OURSELVES. We MUST BY ALL MEANS WIN on TUESDAY. We must also support our conservative judges on the back of the ballot. We have to retain control.

This is not about personal issues, color or cliques. This is about COUNTRY FIRST. This is about respecting the God I worship, lowering my family taxes, educational choices, traditional marriage, building a free market economy, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I REFUSE to compromise my Christian values to support ANY CANDIDATE who believes in Christ half-way, believes in killing children (babies or otherwise) and more government to pry into my personal life.

God is in control. However, whoever wins we STILL have work to do. Black Republicans need to reorganize and Black Democrats here in Michigan should not be allowed to be pimped by the Stryker Machine. All of us, Democrats-Republicans-Independents lose out when morality and ethics no longer exist in our community.

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transfattyacid said...

I can't help but feel you are looking at this the wrong way.

The coilition that Barry put together to win - the young, blacks, rich whites, women and hispanics - is exactly the same soilition that swept Tony Bliar to power in 1997.

The fact is that Bliar then reinforced the previous conservative policies, and the only people who benefitted were those groups who would have benefitted anyway - namely the rich.

Barry is about to play the same trick on America.

There is no point arguing about the reality of the situation, because Barry has not dealt in reality, he has preyed on the aspirations the gullible.

The fact is he is about to cripple the country with emotional blackmail, and destroy civil rights, but if the Republicans keep banging on about abortion and gays, then you are simply going to offer him more ammunition to destroy the county and civil rights.

There is no easy answer to the problem, because the rich whites and women, who hold the key this victory are adicted to consumerism and cheap credit - and as long as Barry can feed this need he can hold power.