Friday, November 07, 2008

The Party Must Rise From The Ashes by Akindele Akinyemi

Good Afternoon. I would like to officially congratulate President-elect Barack Obama, his family and all of his supporters on his historic win. While I do not agree with Obama policies or his social agenda at all but at least we get a chance to see an African-American as President. I just hope nothing happens to him or his family.

This does not mean I am being sympathetic with his supporters as well. The pure hatred towards the GOP and especially Black Republicans was unjust, uncalled for and in many cases unforgivable. To call us the names that were being called because we exercised our right to vote for someone who shares our value system was spiteful. At the end of the day we are still Black. Perhaps you forgot that.

But this discussion is not about liberals. It’s about the future of this party and the role of Black Republicans.

The Republican National Committee and all of its state affiliates just recently witnessed one of the most lopsided victories from the Democratic Party in recent memory. The poor planning of outreach, President Bush’s policies that have hurt both conservative and liberals, the weak nomination of both Senator John McCain and Gov. Sarah Pain and the lack of racial insensitivity have paralyzed the Republican Party to the roots. Even I had to self-evaluate my personal pick of Sarah Pain after watching how she stumbled to call Africa a country. Therefore, regardless of how I personally feel about Pain and her strong conservative values, in which I support, she is no longer the future face of the party and I am not interested in her or anyone like her representing us. I do not have time for ignorance at this level.

I have been on MySpace and Facebook listening and discussing how we can get the party back to Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan or Newt Gingrich. First, Lincoln and Reagan are dead. We should respect those who have moved on but to stay in 1980 is nothing but a comfort zone.We do not need dead ideas. We need ideas that are going to bring our party to life. Newt Gingrich has figured this out and that is why he created the bi-partisan American Solutions. I did not join this party to discuss war stories or reminisce about the good OLD days.

The Republican Party must begin to come up to speed. Its not the Grand Old Party anymore. It’s the Grow OUT Party. People have to begin to grow OUT of our comfort zone.

President-elect Barack Obama has engaged in a brand new electorate called young people. These young people are looking to Obama’s plan for change and have dismissed the core values that has helped us become a nation. What’s worse is that no one in the Republican Party had a TRUE answer for Obama.

If you want young people to join the GOP then you need a reason to bring them to the party.

When we look at how our party is ran is it ran like a natural grassroots operations or is it ran like a telemarketing campaign? We spend more time on the phone than going out in public. We have to get up off our asses and actually walk into the very community where liberal ideology has taken root for decades. No, you cannot send me in, as a Black Republican, to spin the issues either. I simply will not do it so you can sit in the office and work. The real work is OUTSIDE the doors.

The whole Obama thing reminds me when former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick ran for Mayor of Detroit in 2001. He was running against former City Council President Gil Hill. This was a battle between young and old. The younger Kilpatrick won that battle and was re-elected in 2005. Then recently, he was sent to jail.

My point is that Obama poses no threat to us because in the end he will self-destruct with his social engineering programs that has failed over time. On the flip side of things the economy might get better and the war will taper off. But morality will be in the toilet. One can look to former President Herbert Hoover who caused the Great Depression or President Jimmy Carter to see what type of Presidency we are going to have in the next four years.

I have been warning the Republican Party about the role of minorities in the party. Now all of a sudden all across the nation is how do we get more Blacks into the party. I mean Jesus, we just now figuring this out? Maybe if you put some money behind outreach programs we can go further.

For example, the constant excuses I hear coming out the 14th District alone in Wayne County is asinine. On one end you want to defeat Congressman John Conyers but will not do any homework to plan, strategize and run the most effective candidate. The excuse is everyone in Detroit will vote for Conyers. You would be surprised of how many people want Conyers out because of his age. Also, there are TONS of young people in Detroit who voted for Obama simply because McCain did not even show up in the inner city. In fact, he did not show up in ANY inner city in Michigan and I can see why. What urban message was he going to convey?

We also have to get out of the habit of placing a candidate on the ballot just for the hell of it. That is a waste of resources. We need to develop a "farm team" of sorts to train and prepare people to run for office and put resources behind them.

This trend has been going on for a long time. Here is the real reason why our party has failed.

It has nothing to do with core principles or family values or going back to Lincoln. It has something to do with racial insensitivity. How often do we discuss race and politics within our own party? Do we even know HOW to discuss it? And if so, then how come these discussions are not happening at both the district level and county level? A meeting must be productive not just giving out reports. We have to get out of our comfort zone.

Racism exists in our party and its time that we start looking at ourselves in the mirror. I know that everyone smiles in my face but many think I am just a militant. After getting our ass kicked Tuesday I think being militant or radical is what we need in this party. The hell with this Mr. Nice Guy approach. You saw what happened to McCain when he tired that? We have to be disciplined, educated and honest with each other.

Look at what happened in Oakland County Tuesday night. Here in Oakland County there was a County Commission race between Steve Schwartz and the incumbent Mike Rogers. Rogers, who is a good friend of mine, is a Black Republican from Farmington Hills. The Oakland County Republicans did the very minimal to help him in a stiff contest. Because many people voted straight ticket in his district Rogers lost. Some of are blaming racism on this. Others are saying the Democrats were stronger this year. I’m saying the whole damn thing was a disgrace.

While we lost Mike Rogers we did manage to briefly redeem ourselves by electing two Black Republicans in the State House for the first time in 100 years. Those Black Republicans were Paul Scott and Larry DeShazor.

The Michigan Republican Party needs a baptism. The party itself needs to be dipped in water and cleansed from its sins. I have never seen so many people afraid to walk into the neighborhoods of Detroit, Flint, Saginaw, or even Benton Harbor. I said walk not poll challenge or poll watch. What is to fear? We profess that we are followers of Christ but the past two elections we have not followed anyone of a higher spirit. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Or maybe we are not strong in our faith.

My point of saying that last paragraph is to show you you can no longer write off the inner cities of Michigan. It is absolutely ridiculous for the Democratic Party to not only control the inner cities of Michigan but to take out-county as well. There is no excuse for Congressman Tim Walberg losing his race. Now the Democratic Party is targeting Congressman Thad McCotter. Can we say redistricting? That is why they need the seats so they can draw the boundaries that favor them.

If you want to win elections you cannot call someone a terrorist, a Muslim, or a “scary” person. All of this talk about going back is going to set you back to the stone age. There are no paleo-conservatives or neo-conservatives. Just urban conservatives. Why? Because the next battle we engage in 2010 will have to be in the inner cities. You know where poverty is 33% (like Detroit) or where public safety is a serious concern (like Pontiac).

If the Republican Party wants to win elections it must talk the language of the people. One of the reasons why I can connect with anyone is because I have studied their ways of life. For example, I have been a practicing Muslim, I have studied over 70 religions, I am Nigerian-American, I have friends from all walks of life, I live in what many consider a ghetto, I mentored criminals, prostitutes and drug dealers and I have walked the life of a liberal. I know their ways, their actions, their fears, their anger and I also know at times why they feel like this. It takes courage and dedication to reach out to those who are in need. This is called inclusiveness.

I am also a well educated Black man, who loves being a father, who loves being a father to children whose father might be in prison, gay or dead. I am always striving for the best. I take care of our women to the best of my ability. I do not cheat, steal or lie. Why lie about anything when honesty is the best policy?

There are 126 communities in Southeastern Michigan and I have taken the time to visit all of them. I have dealt with racism, sexism and homophobia in these communities. As an educator for the past 10 years I have worked with at-risk, honors and E.I. children. I've worked with Democrats and Republicans on policy issues. I have been on panels with the most liberal people you would ever want to know. I always prevail and my message is always strong because I walk into a room without fear. Obama is not the only one that can promote change and hope. He is not the only one that can cross racial, gender and educational barriers either. You too can do the same. But you have to rise above fear and intimidation.

I have said many times that most Black Republicans in the Republican Party often lose their minds. There are so many Black Republican groups doing the same thing. Not one group was effective against Generation Obama. We have to stop fighting among each other and love one another if we are going to survive.

Even though I was born on American soil and I love this country I never forgot about my place of origin...Africa. Africa is my spirit and soul. I always studied my culture and my family lineage. I have studied the African Diaspora. I encourage my Republican brothers and sisters to do the same. We study about everyone else but I encourage you to read about Marcus Garvey, Booker T. Washington, WEB DuBois, and even people like Franz Fanon, George James, Chancellor Williams and James Cone. How can you even begin to battle a liberal in the community if you have no clue how they think?

It is important to have knowledge about the Bible, the Word contained in it, and walk the walk. But we never want to walk in darkness. Study the Qur'an for yourself as well as the Gita. How many of us understand Buddhism, Taoism, and Shinto? What is the difference between a Sunni and Shite Muslim? How come the people in Iran are called Persians? How come homosexuality is accepted in Europe and not in Africa (except South Africa where same sex marriage is legal)? I mean if you are going to be involved you have to emerge yourself and seek knowledge even unto China.

Learn about Russel Kirk, Edmund Burke, Richard Weaver and many other conservatives that have paved the way for us. Study their lessons. Study the full circle so you are able to compete. The problem with us is our fire to study.

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing wrote the Isis Papers a long time ago. This is dealing with the Color Confrontation theory of Blacks and Whites. Do you know how many young people who voted for Obama believe in this? You have to think out the box of the Republican mindframe and see why our liberal brothers and sisters talk like this. Most of us do not have a clue.

Study Amos Wilson’s Blueprint for Black Power and Dr. Claude Anderson’s Powernomics. Actually, both books might even be beneficial to helping transforming the urban community.

Study the works of Dr. John Hope Bryant, the founder and CEO of Operation HOPE based in Los Angeles, CA. Study Caesar Chavez’s work and even socialists like Che Gueverra and Saul Alinsky. You will begin to see why Obama and his followers think, act and even move the same way. Most young Black Republicans are not aware of most of these works. It’s easy to say Dr. Martin Luther King was a Republican but if you have no proof of this how can you defend yourself on a panel discussion? You may have surface knowledge but to enegage with someone who has been raised in either Black Nationalism or Black Liberation Theology you cannot always rely on Project 21, FOX News or Mark Levin. Not to say it is correct but you should be able to articulate yourself because the time is coming when YOU MUST come into the neighborhoods and reach out to people.

Many things that we believe in as Black Republicans are reflected right on the continent of Africa. Most Africans believe in strong family values. Most Africans believe in strong educational systems. In fact, all across the Diaspora this trend seems to take root. It’s only here where I have witnessed social engineering that has ravaged our community.

So how come we are not reaching out to our African brothers and sisters who lean conservative? Or our Carribean people? Or our South American or Latin American people? Most of them share our values BUT you have to learn their culture FIRST if you want to make headway.

Studying your history does not make you a radical. It makes you wiser. It makes you stronger. If there was a need to help transform the Black community across America we need to link it across the Diaspora. The best way to beat a Black liberal in debate is to compare what is going on here with the rest of the African Diaspora. The CONNECTION between African Americans and the Diaspora must be made. Economically, Family, Education, and even technology must be in place in order for us to develop urban policies that even the most flaming liberal would have to agree with. Most liberals in the inner city do not understand African culture. They are STILL seeking who they are and how to so-called de-colonize their minds. The problem is they are exposed to a socialist form of thinking and not a free market way of thought.

Most Black Republicans are stuck on social conservatism and now with the new Generation O (Obama) in place it seems like this platform is falling on deaf ears with our young people. Abortion, homosexuality, bi-sexuality and other moral issues that are killing our community are not important. I am not saying that these issues are not important to discuss but we are losing out on these debates simply because liberals are promoting this new freedom that our young people have. They are not accountable to anyone. They go the mega-churches as a fad. They call on the name of Jesus like VISA or Master Card. It’s not taken seriously.

Part of urban conservative thought is to ensure the quality of life through the proper development of an urban policy program. It was embarassing for John McCain not to have one.

Part of the urban policy plan is to push for educational choice in our respective urban areas. In fact, this should be THE ONLY ISSUE we push for because the next items I am going to outline can only be effective with a strong educational system.

Education is a passport to freedom. Oftentimes we forget this. Our children are not free because they are enslaved in a culture of deception and failure. The education issue is the liberals greatest threat and weakness. They cannot articulate this issue effectively because it would create an imbalance between both the Democratic Party and Teacher Unions. The way the Republicans have been messaging this issue has been ineffective in the inner cities. You have to create a bottom up approach to wage war on this issue. The bottom up approach are the parents and the children.

We have to view education from an Underground Railroad perspective. If you want freedom you will ride this railroad or perish.

The mental health care issue is serious in our community. Without enough facilities to care for our mentally ill we are faced with a crisis that often leads to criminal activity in or inner cities.

Mass transit (for those cities that do not have them) is necessary because it will build job growth into the region. A cooperative effort between groups like MOSES, faith based, party leaders and policymakers could begin to break the ice and actually build a light rail system in the region. The Michigan High Speed Authority must be put in place to create high speed rail from Benton Harbor to Detroit.

International Affairs. How can a Republican discuss business without including the international community? I mentioned months ago how Detroit and Benton Harbor should become financial markets because both cities sit on water. There are massive opportunities for job development, population growth and if we could build a strong platform on education and family development we can begin to generate a tax base to keep our deficits low or actually eliminate our deficits to create a surplus. In Detroit we have a Port Authority that we are not using to generate jobs.

Health Care. The lack of health care insurance is crippling our community. While jobs continue to cut benefits from families access to decent health care is crippling our way of life. As we become solution based we need to develop THE BEST plan for affordable health care.

Part of the health care crisis also stems from personal responsibility. There are way too many fast food restaurants in our community to contribute to health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, strokes and obesity. Promoting organic gardening, exercising and diet are ways for our community to live longer and smarter.

The Michigan Republicans need a fresh start and that is why I am in favor of cleaning the slate clean. Not just from the state level BUT district and county level as well. There is no way a party can function without technology. Liberals have us outnumbered 10-1 in terms of media.

We also do not need the same people running for the RNC. If Michael Steele wants the Chairman’s job then allow him to have it. It’s time.

If you want to build the party back up we have to be EDUCATED on the issues. In fact, EDUCATION should be OUR ONLY issue in 2010. It is an issue that can win seats, an issue that can get people interested in the party and an issue that can lead to economic prosperity and family building. Obama owned the economy this year. EDUCATION is something we MUST own in 2010.

Join me as we build a think tank that is designed to research and develop urban policies that will reach the inner cities.

The slogan I have come up with is FREEDOM NOW.

We want freedom from failing schools.

We want freedom from high taxes.

We want freedom from a poor quality of life.

We want freedom from declining cultural values.


I rest my case your honor.


Reggie Holmes said...

Wow. I like your new words, "Urban Conservative". I am 23 years old Black Conservative. You can look up my blog @
Can you give out map out "Urban Policy Project " ? Maybe you should give speech at convention. Who know ?

I voted Bob Barr, libertarian candidate, over McCain and Obama for reasons. Alright. I'm blessed to find your blogspot. You rock bro ! You are right about Regan-Goldwater. They are already dead. We need to move forward.

theCL said...

I like your spirit, your words, your enthusiasm and your knowledge. And I especially like that you're here with me in the Motor City! I look forward to reading your blog on a regular basis.

And yes, you're right! We need to take more action and to get local. Let me quote you, "I think being ... radical is what we need in this party ... We have to be disciplined, educated and honest ..."

And you're right yet again, the Republicans in MI ... well, in my own words ... basically don't campaign at all.

However, I do think the fusionism of Goldwater/Reagan is the right foundation (then again, I lean libertarian), but we need a much more activist approach.

Thanks for the inspiration!

nammeroo said...

I agree. We have a year to make a plan and make it happen before the next election cycle.

The Wandering Wolverine said...

Fantastic post. This message needs to spread if the Michigan GOP has any shot going forward.

Also radical? For the Republican Party to be about people--all people--again.