Monday, December 22, 2008

DPS Must Embrace K-14 Education by Akindele Akinyemi

The traditional and current Detroit Public Schools System has lived the past century as a child of the Industrial Revolution, an economy driven by basic manufacturing where an individual could drop out of school, develop a skill in manufacturing, and provide for themselves and their family. Education for most was neither a priority nor a necessity. But times have changed and those days are no more as our world has evolved into a global, knowledge based economy.

Detroit Public Schools first must be broken down into six separate school districts. Then each district should promote a K-14 educational system.

The six school districts are (1) North End, (2) Fort-Southwest, (3) East , (4) Midtown, (5) Northwest and (6) Central.

In order for our children to compete in a information society our children need fourteen years of school, twelve years of primary and secondary education and two years of post secondary education. Under these six separate school districts Detroit Public Schools where thousands of residents have less than a high school education, this is more than a paradigm shift…this is a change of culture.

The specific goals of the new K-14 initiative are to (1) reduce the dropout rate and (2) increase the college-attending rate of public school students throughout the City of Detroit. From a more global perspective, our objective is to improve the quality of life for the people of our city by positioning them to be more productive, higher paid citizens of this region, a region that will become a target for new business and industry, attracted by an educated, capable workforce and an exceptional quality of life. Working to compliment the efforts of our six school systems, the purpose of K-14 is to empower every parent and student in Detroit and Wayne County with the knowledge, belief, tools, resources and support to achieve college success.

For too many generations, education has not been a priority for families throughout the City of Detroit. The purpose of this focus is first to educate people on necessity of two years of post high school education, and then to instill the belief that college can be a reality for every child and that there is a community and a system of support to help them achieve this goal. Through a public relations campaign utilizing multiple channels and media, the message of K-14 will reach out to every resident of our city. The message is one of hope and one of challenge. The message simply states that every child can achieve and succeed with the K-14 plan and that there is a community of support in place to help make this dream a reality.

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Anonymous said...

Akindele, I saw you on Tom Skubik's(sp) show this morning. You sound like a guy who has a long bone to pick with Jennifer Granholm and no doubt racked up a long list of grievences. I too had problems with Granholm cutting education funding. All the same, I think it is fair to acknowledge that she has put forth some innovative job growth programs that are always show down by the Republican legislature for no other reason but that they would cost money.

Robert P.