Saturday, January 17, 2009

Are We Paying Attention To Renee Amoore? by Akindele Akinyemi

It is incredible to find how we love to promote the inclusiveness of the Republican Party but we keep on letting credible people fall from the cracks. As President-elect Barack Obama prepares to take office this coming Tuesday I have yet to hear ANY serious outreach plan (other than what I have been proposing) discussed. The reality is simply this....we need to promote leadership that will attract people to the party.

We DROPPED the ball with former Oakland County Commissioner Mike Rogers from Farmington Hills, Michigan. Everyone in Oakland County KNEW that his seat was targeted not just by Jon Stryker but Gov. Jennifer Granholm. The GOVERNOR has a bounty on his head and NO ONE stopped the carnage. It's interesting to see how all of the GOP Oakland County Commissioners kept their seats EXCEPT Rogers.

Here is a man who is a Civil Engineer, who is the Vice-Chair of the Transportation for the National Association of Counties, and is one of the prolific people on regional transportation policy I have ever met in life.

As an executive board member of SEMCOG Mike Rogers is currently working on items such as high speed rail connecting areas such as Southwest Michigan and Detroit or Mackinac City and Detroit. A Michigan High Speed Authority is necessary to help generate jobs in this state.

We DROPPED the ball with former Muskegon County Clerk Karen Buie. After reviewing her credentials someone should have taken some No-Doz and PREVENTED this from happening. Here is a remarkable woman, who was once a Muskegon City Commissioner, Muskegon Vice-Chair, worked for the Michigan Department of Corrections, the Michigan Family Independence Agency (now Department of Human Services), sits on boards like the Community Action Against Poverty and the Muskegon Rescue Mission.

As Muskegon County Clerk she made it possible for customers to pay for county clerk services with credit cards, increased the speed of getting local election results posted on the Internet, and made it possible for customers to fill out online applications for marriage licenses and birth certificates.

The most important thing about Karen is her personality. She will work with anyone, regardless of party, to create a better Muskegon. She is a strong advocate for quality education, quality health and want families to understand that all hope is not lost. She loves her community.

Now the RNC can PREVENT another catastrophe by supporting Renee Amoore for Co-Chair for the Republican National Committee. I CANNOT believe that our party did not EVEN consider using her for a national spokeswoman on health care. She fits perfectly in the framework of urban conservatism through the Silver Rights Movement.

Listening to her speak at the Republican National Convention last year let me know that we can no longer waste talent in our party. Just like Mike Rogers and Karen Buie (and probably many other Black Republicans who are totally discouraged) we have to protect and use Renee's talents to push forth a credible agenda in our urban communities.

Allow me to give you some background on this jewel.

For the past twelve years, she has demonstrated her abilities for leadership, raising money, communicating Republican messages, building a Republican infrastructure and winning campaigns as the Deputy Chair of the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee.

Her service to the Republican Party extends well beyond Pennsylvania’s state lines. Since 1999, Renee has acted as the Director of the National New Majority Council. She has also served as the Assistant Secretary to the Republican National Convention, Chaired the Pennsylvania Delegation for the Republican National Convention, served as an Alternative Delegate to the Republican National Convention, and has addressed the Republican National Convention three times (2000, 2004 and 2008). Renee has also served on the National Political Council of Black Women.

Often being called upon to serve as a “face” of the Republican Party within her community, Renee has appeared in local, statewide and national level outlets on hundreds of occasions. In her capacity as a Republican strategist, she has appeared on CNN, Fox News, ABC and even the BBC. She hosts her own radio show on WURD in Philadelphia.

Previously, Renee was an elected at-large member of the Board of Directors of the Upper Merion School District in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania serving from 1991 through 1995. Her colleagues elected her Vice President in 1991, serving in this position during her term.

Renee has also served on several Pennsylvania committees and boards including Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Governor’s Commission on African American Affairs, a member of Human Resources Investment Council, and a member of the Board of Directors for the Pennsylvania Women’s Campaign Fund.

Recognized for her achievements, Renee has been honored with many awards including the Eveyln McPhail award for political activism by the Republican National Committee, the Montgomery County Republican of the Year, Pennsylvania’s Best 50 Women in Business, National Registry of Who’s Who, Black Achievers Award, Pennsylvania’s Honor Roll for Women, the NAACP Award for Community Service and Education and the “Class of ‘98” from Main Line Today magazine. She was also honored by Elizabeth Dole as an “Outstanding Entrepreneur” for her achievements in the business community.

She currently serves on the Drexel University Board of Trustees, the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee, the Valley Forge Chamber of Commerce, the Federal Reserve Bank Advisory Board, the NOVA Savings Bank board, the Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation, the Crisis Management Services Board, and the Pennsylvania Heritage Society Board.

Renee is a graduate of Antioch University and is a registered nurse. She and her husband, Joseph, live in King of Prussia, PA with their daughter Cherie.

They worship at Saints Memorial Baptist Church in Bryn Mawr, PA where Renee serves as a Deacon and Chairman of the Board.

As Co-chair, you can count on her to work closely with the new Chairman and each and every member of the National Committee to not only erase the advantage the Democrats relied on this past year, but surpass it.

Her focus as co-chair includes:

1)Be a close working partner of the RNC Chair in meeting the priorities established for our Party;

2)Work closely with each member of the RNC to gather ideas and input to put our Party back on track;

3)Engage the media, as she has in Pennsylvania, communicating the ideas of the Party and critiquing the Administration and its Congressional allies.

4)Providing leadership in assisting the RNC Chair and the RNC Members to rebuild our party developing the tactical expertise necessary for this era of the “new campaign.”

Renee feels that our Washington leaders need to get back to basic principles and those are the Republican conservative principles that gained the trust of Americans since the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

For example, cutting taxes, standing for smaller government, moving towards a balanced federal budget, support for families, embracing and spreading economic opportunity, and protecting the American way of life have been hallmarks of our Party and our leadership.

Renee has worked hard to develop the type of leadership that is effective in Pennsylvania. As deputy chair of the Pennsylvania GOP they have developed a first-rate political team with the expertise in managing winning efforts in today’s political environment. They have also worked with their state Republican government leaders to stand by our Republican principles that are so important to each of us.

I researched her and listened to her online and this is THE REAL DEAL. Her heavyweight credentials reminds me of Karen Buie. Perhaps its time to move Karen into some serious leadership roles here in Michigan either in the Michigan GOP or Secretary of State. I am like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.....I have a dream also. I dream that we can promote people like Renee Amoore, Mike Rogers and Karen Buie MORE in the national spotlight so we can demonstrate to our young people that our party is not just a "good old boy network." We are a party that should be committed to the transformation of our local, county, state and national communities. From inner-city neighborhoods to rural areas it's time to stop the flow of fear and promote values that are based on what is right and fair.

By the way, speaking of supporting new, young and fresh faces you can do this below.

There is no one running for Outreach that knows every single street and demographic in urban Michigan like me. You know what to do February 21, 2009 at the Michigan GOP Convention. See you there.


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