Friday, February 06, 2009

The Muskegon Project by Akindele Akinyemi

As an outreach expert on matters such as communication and messaging I often receive a call from people across the state to help them in their respective communities. One such community I visited this week was Muskegon, Michigan.
If you do not know anything about Muskegon it is the largest city that sits on Lake Michigan. The population is 40,000 and the city has taken a serious hit in terms of employment opportunities. Over 20% of the population in Muskegon is unemployed.
I came to the Muskegon Area to begin my outreach and case study on their educational system in the area. I have been reading for quite some time about their failing educational system so I decided to come to check out the high schools in the area.

The first high school I stopped at was Muskegon Heights High School in Muskegon Heights, Michigan. As a part of urban renewal and bringing things into the light of the Silver Rights Movement you have to be able to first transform the educational system to retain families so you can build a tax base. That is why I started at the high school level because the students who graduate from our high schools are going to be our future leaders.

I was given a tour of the school by the head of security. Mr. McCall gave me an extensive tour of the facility that was recently built just only five short years ago. I got a chance to interact with our students ranging from 9th-12th grade. When they found out I was an urban conservative who vote Republican they were excited because they thought I had money. I told them that is the reason why I am here to help them because the GOP have to begin to break those stereotypes from the minds of the urban community. Once they found out I was from the west side of Detroit they looked at me differently. One student even asked me questions on how to become politically active in the GOP.

This is the reason why I take my job seriously. There are some in the GOP that do not reach out to urban areas. I have been doing it since I joined the party. It is my destiny to reach back and reach out to those in need.

Muskegon Heights in the 1970s was a town that families could raise their children. Today, with a population of 10,000 residents, the city is in financial ruin. The infrastructure is weak and the blight is out of control.

This used to be a McDonalds in Muskegon Heights that closed and re-opened as a coney island. How in the world does McDonalds close? McDonalds NEVER close their doors.

The next picture is the used to be popular Strand Theater in downtown Muskegon Heights. It is now closed.

This is the Rent 1st center in downtown Muskegon Heights. CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens do not exist in the city limits of Muskegon Heights.

After my tour of the school Mr. Lewis asked me if I would be interested in speaking to our students in the near future on Silver Rights and achieving high education. I told not only I would do this but I would I would come back and launch an initiative that deals with reaching out to at-risk children by fusing academics, family values, and wealth creation tactics to empower our young people to help transform their community. He agreed to bring me back as long as I could help him recruit more African American men in teaching. I told him no problem.
I took a self-guided tour of the city of Muskegon. What I realized was the fact that this town, like many other urban areas across Michigan, has been ran in the ground by policies that Democrats continue to utilize that often times result in failure.

The Verizon Building in Downtown Muskegon.

The Brunswick facility in Muskegon, MI right off Seaway Blvd.

I was surprised to see Baker College have a townhouse facility in the Marquette area in Muskegon.

By 5:00PM it was time to connect with my favorite Republican in the State of Michigan.

Karen Buie, who is the former Muskegon County Clerk, took me on an extended tour of the areas where she was raised in Muskegon Heights. In fact, we drove past her childhood home right off of Hackley Ave in Muskegon Heights. Her humor and personality is what is keeps me going in terms of doing what is right for our children and families.

Karen is one of my MOST trusted advisers in trying to bring some life in urban areas across the state. The other is this man here.

Former Oakland County Commissioner Mike Rogers. Both are extremely important to what I am trying to do in the field of urban education.

After hours of talking to her I realized that I had to make a commitment of coming here more often to help out in the community when it came to urban outreach, education and family policies. While many try to speak ill of the both of them they are probably the most important Republicans next to these two...

That would be Troy Rolling and I who are committed to changing the social, political and economic landscape of urban areas in Michigan. The FOUR of us do not have time to play with GOP leaders who are obstructing us from doing what is necessary to help people in need. We are not second class citizens, we are for the people. This is the reason we need leadership that we can trust in 2009. No more games.

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Whoa, buddy your blog was really biased. Liberals have ideas to add to the table,too, just like right-wingers. I wouldn't be talking about "family values" what are family values anyways, homophobia, racism, ethnocentrism.