Sunday, February 08, 2009

Resignation of Dead Weight Is Good For The GOP by Akindele Akinyemi

Newly elected RNC Chairman Michael Steele recently has asked for the resignations of the entire RNC Staff in Washington D.C.
The question is now how many of us can resign from the same mentality that has plagued the GOP for decades leading up to implosion?
I have been saying all along that there are many people who want to become a change agent but are being blocked by the powers that be who are seeking answers from the grave not from people who are living.
My focus right now is not the political pandering but help rebuild Michigan in urban areas. The same crisis in Detroit is going on in Muskegon. It's worse in Muskegon Heights.
What's killing our party is this idea of who is a "real" Republican. For example, this RINO (Republican in Name Only) mess has caused more hate and division in our party. It's like calling someone a bi***. If someone has moderate views then they are considered a RINO. If you want to work in the spirit of bi-partianship you are a RINO. You have to be so far to the right to be considered a real Republican. In fact, so far to the right you end up contradicting yourself on many issues. That's why I throw out the RINO argument. It's a silly argument and has not been proven to be effective. It's time to embrace fiscal, social, green, urban, libertarian, and other conservatives who believe in the tenets of our party.
When are we going to realize that some of the things that may affect rural areas in Michigan does not necessary apply to us here in the inner city. For example, my neighbor knocked on my door last week because she was beaten and thrown out of the house. I had to care for her and she sat on my couch and talked to me about her heroin/crack addiction. After praying with her and revealing that I was a Republican she said "I never thought that Republicans cared about the poor and the weak." This is the stereotypes we have to BREAK if we are serious about moving our community and party forward.
Domestic violence is out of control period. I cannot stand the fact that men hit their women and abuse them emotionally (vice versa for women as well). I have talked to three close friends of mine (within the past week) who were married and were beaten for YEARS without me knowing. They told me that they did not want me going out to harm their husbands because they know that I am protective of good, honest, intelligent women.
We can debate about President Obama's stimulus package or where the direction of the GOP is going to go but no one will vote for our party until we begin to talk about human issues. This is one of them.
Let me tell you the real deal. If you want to play this game you need to fully understand policy NOT ideology. Ideologies (such as the RINO debates) will not help you get elected. Smart public policies will help you get elected. We can play internal politics in our respective parties but at the end of the day who will step up to the plate and teach a family how to fish?
For example, we have young people here in Detroit who vote Democrat and voted for Obama in the last Presidential election. However, there are a critical mass of young people in this city that know Blacks were Republicans historically, that know their values lean conservative and are self-sufficient (for most part). So how come they still vote Democrat? They are LOOKING at the policies that are in place. The challenge is if we never come into the inner cities to discuss an alternative viewpoint with voters then we will never get ahead. Sending a Black person to talk about the GOP in the inner city so White people do not have to worry about a possible urban intellectual confrontation carries just as much weight as 1-ply toilet paper. It simply will not work anymore.
The real change needs to come from within our spirits. It's not about feeling good in your comfort zone or running for a voluntary position in your party. Its about working with each other to create better sound policies for our communities. We need to wake up and realize what we are doing is causing more headache for ourselves and our voter base.
Some of the real issues include:

(a) Michigan’s average poverty rate for the 3-year period from 2004 to 2006 was 12.9 percent, eighth highest in the nation. The U.S. average over that period was 12.5 percent.

(b) Violent crime in Michigan increased slightly from 2005 to 2006. In 2005, the state had 552.1 violent crimes per 100,000 of population; in 2006, that number increased to 562.4. Michigan’s violent-crime rate in 2006 was well above the U.S. rate of 473.5.

(c) When it came to air pollution Michigan’s two major metropolitan areas (Wayne and Kent counties) receive failing grades for particle pollution from the American Lung Association.
The GOP needs a farm team. I do not understand, to this day, why the GOP will not engage in local races such as the Detroit City Council races. You cannot talk about the City of Detroit and NOT participate in healing process. There are school board races coming up all across the region. Are we looking at running our own team in these races?
We have to begin talking about K-16 education. We do this by rewarding districts for using the best practices, reducing class sizes, lengthening the school day and year and rewarding good teachers. As a curriculum specialist I can be the first to tell you that we need to realign our curriculum in local schools that links students to the jobs and careers of the 21st century in Michigan.
The bottom line is this. If Chairman Steele is asking for resignations of the RNC staff we need to be asking for resignations of those GOP members/lawmakers who are blind, deaf and dumb of what is really going on out here in the streets. SMART public policies is what is going to help us in the long run not in-fighting or calling each other names. We have to once again be that party under the big tent.

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