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CPAC: We Have Our Marching Orders by Akindele Akinyemi

I finally got a chance to attend the 2009 Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington D.C. over the weekend. I must say the event was well attended with over 8500 people showing up from all over the country to discuss, strategize better to help push conservatives.

To tell you the truth, I did not know what to expect the first night when I arrived Thursday night. I walked in one ballroom to talk to young adults from all over the country about the economic and social ills that we are facing.

Of course, I got a chance to speak to the Chairman of the Republican National Committee Michael Steele.

The three giants of conservatism. Michael Steele, Akindele Akinyemi and Macho Sauce from California. Check out his You Tube clips at

Young people on the move Thursday night. The energy was electric and powerful.

Numbers USA was out discussing the dangers of illegal immigration.

The BIG 4 meet here from the Midwest to discuss God knows what..LOL. The guy to the far right is none other than Scott Czasak from Macomb County, Michigan.

If this man runs for President in 2012 I will support and vote for him. Newt Gingrich preaching about how Detroit has failed its public school system and how ridiculous the infrastructure of Detroit has failed its people.

If the two of us get together the world of liberalism must be coming to a rapid end. I am with my friend Tara Wall of the Washington Times. Black liberals try to paint her like a lapdog for White conservative base. This woman is a true warrior. I credit her for helping me understand conservative principles as I made my transformation into the GOP. She credits me for staying radical and keeping the fires of truth burning here in Michigan in her absence.

The bloggers are running the show here at CPAC. The liberals can talk about the Fairness Doctrine but we STILL can blog to get the information out.

This gentleman is from Rebuild the Party. I was talking to him about the strong need for silver rights through urban conservatism to be part of the platform. He totally agreed and got me on video talking about my platform for change in urban areas. The one gentleman who was sitting down next to me recommended that I run for office immediately.

I am standing here with Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota. I briefly discussed with him the need for more educational choices.

My friend and free market guru Lisa Miller from Arlington, VA. If you are on Facebook save her as a friend and read her ideas on how to improve the economy every morning.

Ann Coulter speaking to the attendees at CPAC. I do not see what people see in her.

Over 500 people lined up to get their books signed by Ann Coulter. Again, I do not see what people find in her. If she was an intellectual like Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams or Michael Eric Dyson I could see the lines being long.

Here I am speaking with Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher. You guys know him as Joe The Plumber from the Presidential Campaign of 2008. When I told him I lived in Detroit he told me he used to work on 12 Mile and Telegraph near the Tel-Twelve Mall.

I also asked him if he was running for Congress in the near future. He told me no but he wanted to get into the educational field like me. Go Joe.

Fred Thompson on a panel discussion with Michelle Malkin on Pajamas TV talking about his new radio show The Fred Thompson Show.

The day ended with Rush Limbaugh speaking. I am not a big fan of Rush Limbaugh and the whole fist pounding was wack in my opinion. Again, like Ann Coulter, I do understand why people rush to see RUSH.

The conference overall was powerful. However, I do have some criticisms about the event.

Oftentimes you hear me talking about the need for diversity in the Republican Part or in conservative circles. Unfortunately there were hardly any at this event and I almost want to say people were in their comfort zones.

The presence of Blacks and other minorities were almost non-existent. I did not even see the National Black Republican Association (they are usually at CPAC every year). The GOP cannot win unless we go into the urban communities. Again, we cannot be stuck in our comfort zones.

My BIGGEST concern are the issues. I will list them for you to view. This was taken from a CPAC Straw Poll that was conducted by Fabrizio/McLaughlin with 1,757 straw polls casted from 48 states and Washington D.C.

1. Reducing the size of government.

2. Reducing government spending.

3. The War on Terrorism

4. Lowering Taxes

5. Doing Away with Abortion

6. Illegal Immigration

7. Stimulating the Economy

8. Restoring Government Honesty

9. Promoting Traditional Values

10. Protecting Gun Owners Rights

11. Improving Education

12. The War in Iraq.

I cannot believe that only 2% thought EDUCATION was the most important issue when we have liberals in DC right now trying to do away with vouchers to STOP helping low income/low-wealth families who are in need when it comes to education. Also, if we are not educated to the extent of creating various ways to improve our conditions in our respective areas then we will not be able to compete in the long run with liberals who claim that Rush and Ann Coulter are the voices of the Republican Party.

Let me explain the problem of this list from this angle. Who are you talking to? How can the War in Iraq or the war on terrorism connect with someone in Detroit to bring them to the GOP? Even the talk about protecting gun owners rights. People use guns in our community to kill. There is already a war in Detroit. We do not have to fly overseas to see terrorism when I can view it in live and living color down the street from me.

Have you forgotten about the riots in Los Angeles in 1992, Cincinnati in 2001, Benton Harbor in 2003 and to be honest with you we are due to have ANOTHER riot here in Michigan SOONER THAN LATER in Detroit, Muskgeon Heights or Flint. Detroit is RIPE for a riot as we speak. The City of Muskegon has an unemployment rate of 20% and its much higher in Muskegon Heights.

Again, who are we talking to when we take these polls and who draft these issues? This is why an urban conservative platform is necessary to zero in on these points that traditional conservatives are not talking about. I hope by the time we meet again for CPAC next year in Washington D.C. we can really lay out a plan for action.

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