Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Need for Silver Rights Season by Akindele Akinyemi

A silver right movement can make Detroit one of the nation's grandest and most influential city. After decades of failed leadership and excuses for high crime, filthy streets, endless borrowing and crumbling schools, it's time for a Mayor and City Council to capture the imagination of a city of 870,000 people by sheer force. We need leadership that will lead our city to historic reductions in crime and welfare, lower taxes, cleaner streets, and made Detroit a vastly better place to live and work.

Unfortunately, Detroit's elected officials and their band of government dependent interest groups are now reverting to the failed policies of the past - raising taxes, empowering ever-bloating bureaucracies, hiking fees, imposing more burdensome regulations, fostering greater dependency on government, ballooning government debt and restricting individual liberties.

After many years of participating in urban political activities, I feel that people should begin to develop a focus group of reform-minded activists from different local political clubs to help people realize what Detroit and other urban centers need most is a competitive two-party system. The spark needed to make this possible is a Republican Party that unapologetically stands for the core Republican ideas that is deeply rooted in urban conservatism.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the problems we still need to address, ignorance in the Detroit City Council, like the cast of a TV rerun, are making the same old claims they made during the Coleman Young years. They say that the problems in the public education system are unsolvable. The problems in our budget are insignificant. The problems with government inefficiency are inevitable. Even in the area of crime prevention, where a strong Mayor-Council leadership can clearly show how positive changes could be made with strong leadership, they say that there is little we can do about the resurgence of criminal activity.

These are the excuses that undermined this city for decades.

What is needed in Detroit is a strong Silver Rights Movement that is fused with the Right Season and Right Spirit. A movement as such will offer the voters of Detroit a clear, new vision for the future with specific reform measures to address the problems currently facing Detroiters. We do so with the conviction that where old ideas have failed, new ones offer hope and the opportunity for positive change.

Silver Rights workers will begin to present to the voters of Detroit a clearly defined Silver Rights Movement based on real reform.

It is time to recruit, train and support the candidates that will carry our silver rights message out onto the streets and communicate our vision for a better Detroit directly to the people of our city. Urban conservatives believe that our platform will benefit every city resident, regardless of ethnicity, income level or political party affiliation.

Through this movement we will build on the history that shows that bold, innovative urban conservative ideas will make our city a better, more secure place to live for every Detroiter.

We are Silver Rights who believe in urban conservatism to bring forth the right spirit for the right season. The ideals we stand for, put in to action, will continue to improve Detroiters lives, and will work equally well in any of Michigan's cities where they are tried. We will bring the urban conservative platform of educational options, affordable housing, developing strong families to help generate wealth in our communities.

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