Wednesday, April 15, 2009

OFFICIAL ENDORSEMENT: Dave Bing For Mayor of Detroit by Akindele Akinyemi

I was present at the Detroit Economic Club luncheon today at Cobo Hall in Downtown Detroit. Once again there was a Mayoral debate between Mayor Ken Cockrel and Dave Bing. This time I prayed for guidance on which candidate would fit the mode of the Silver Rights Movement.

God has answered my prayers because this time Dave Bing smoked Ken Cockrel. In fact smoked him so bad that I must lend my support to Mr. Bing for Mayor.

Now I am not saying that Mr. Bing is a policy wizard because he is far from that. But what turned me off from Cockrel was his condescending behavior. He kept bringing up his father, the late Ken Cockrel Sr., as if he is entitled to this position of Mayor. This is not an entitlement this seat is earned with accountability, integrity and trust of the citizens of the City of Detroit.

We need a Silver Rights Movement in the City of Detroit TODAY. The old Civil Rights mentality is now a thing in the past and it is time that we engage Detroit with the rest of the world. Detroit sits on an international border, international water and is surrounded by the Great Lakes. We have a Port Authority that we are not using. There is a bridge fight going on in Southwest Detroit. Therefore, we will need new innovative ways to get our city back on track economically.

The only person I see doing that is Dave Bing.

What sealed the deal in this debate was the issue of education. There is no way in hell Mayor Ken Cockrel must take control of the Detroit Public Schools if that authority is given to him. If you want to go deeper down the deficit hole in DPS then Cockrel is your man. He is not well versed on educational matters and bragging about how his children goes to DPS is meaningless in this day and age. I would have respected him better if he could connect education to economics and creating a new and educated middle class. He never said any of that.

Dave Bing made it perfectly clear that we not only need to change the financial health of the Detroit Public Schools but also change the curriculum. If he was still playing basketball he hit the winning jump shot with that statement. As a curriculum coach and consultant people fail to realize that whoever controls the school boards control the flow of the curriculum. Bing got it while Cockrel missed the ship.

Mr. Bing fits into the silver rights leadership because of his expertise in understanding the need to develop wealth to anchor a tax base in an area such as Detroit. Now what do silver rights activists need to do to help push Mr. Bing's agenda when he becomes Mayor of the City of Detroit? For one thing educational activists who are thinking in a silver rights framework must push for more financial engineering platforms to educate the populace. Education eradicates poverty and what Mr. Bing is pushing for is the eradication of poverty. That is less government and more entrepreneurship.

While Mr. Bing is doing things in City Hall we must do things on the grassroots level. Traditional education in Detroit is based on a 20th century agrarian model, and centered around a teacher in a classroom talking to students. Basically, one-dimensional. But this generation has grown up on the Internet, with message texting and social networks, and is accustomed to learning in a more interactive and personal environment. The only real way to reach and teach people about financial engineering in the 21st century will be through a strategy of empowerment. We, as silver rights activists, must connect with those you want to reach and teach, by sharing your own personal story, and the challenges and disappointments you have made along the way in your own life.

While Mr. Bing will negotiate with stakeholders who will help bring Detroit into the global market we need
to develop empowerment to develop a 21st century global silver rights movement, in order to have power. The last century was dominated by the discussion of democracy and freedom, and gave birth to Civil Rights Movement in America and the Black Power Movement. In the 21st century we increasingly live in a global free enterprise democracy, but thousands of people who now have the right to vote here in Detroit, do not have an understanding of how the system works (financial engineering), or basic access to the levers of free enterprise, capitalism, or entrepreneurship.

I strongly believe that this movement, under Mr. Bing's leadership, will lead to the emergence of a new stakeholder class of global depositors, new clients and customers, and owners and stakeholders, and ultimately, new taxpayers too. Poor folks cannot hire anyone nor increase wealth if they do not know how to. A robust and growing tax base is the only way to raise democracies, insure safe streets, provide for a progressive social safety net, improve the standards of living, and stabilize communities long-term. Detroit needs a global generation of new entrepreneurs and innovation, which will lead to new jobs, and a growing tax base. The door to entrepreneurship is financial engineering empowerment.

Detroit has to make a business case for the future. Mr. Bing is correct when he stated how Detroit is not business friendly. I still cannot believe that in a city of 871,000 residents we do not have any appliance stores, two bowling alleys and two movie theaters. Our jobs as silver rights intellectuals is to find a way to bring billions of the poor into the financial mainstream, to move individuals from the working class into the middle class, and help the middle class to grow assets, and to remain middle class, and to pass down assets from generation to generation. If we continue to do this it will not just generate prosperity but create peace within our communities.

It's time for Detroit to become part of the global community not just sit and try to hold on to assets that we cannot pay for. We are still segregated in this city.
If you look at places like Rwanda and South Africa, these democracies have gone from genocide and apartheid to relative peace and prosperity in less than 15 years. The challenge in both places is very simply the same; poverty and opportunity. Detroit, on the other hand, are still fighting the suburbs with very little change and development in the past 15 years. We are going backwards not forwards and we need leadership that will move us ahead.

Mr. Bing is not just interested in green jobs coming to Detroit but also is interested in increasing job growth through the health and construction fields. This is important for those people who are demolition experts and people who have learned trades and development while incarcerated. There will be opportunities for them when they are released from jail or prison. Of course, Mayor Cockrel did not do a good job in explaining himself on how to spur quick job growth.

Do I feel that Mr. Bing is a policy expert? Absolutely not. However, people are crying for an economic expert to spur jobs in the City of Detroit. Well here is your chance. Remember, Detroit blew it with Dick DeVos in 2006 who HAD an actual plan to spur job growth in Michigan but we chose to go with Gov. Jennifer Granholm and not Michigan has a 12.5% unemployment rate. DeVos was not a policy expert but ran a successful business, was a global thinker and fully connected education to economics. Fear and ignorance from the people defeated DeVos but God always send another messenger to the masses of people who need help.

Once again, we are blessed with someone who understands business and silver rights. We cannot repeat the same mistakes again and vote for Mayor Ken Cockrel if we are serious about moving out of poverty.

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