Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Detroit City Council Needs a Facelift by Akindele Akinyemi

Since Dave Bing is now the 62nd Mayor of the City of Detroit it's time to turn our guns on the Detroit City Council. We know that all council members are vulnerable (including Ken Cockrel, who returned as Council President after being defeated on Tuesday).

The Detroit City Council races are beginning to heat up. Over 400 petitions have been pulled. Over 200 are so far on the ballot. Gary Brown is pumping up the volume and Charles Pugh is up and moving. While these names are out there allow me to show you briefly some credible candidates that you should not fall asleep on on August 4, 2009.

Have you met Dr. Corletta J. Vaughn? This is the Right Spirit for the Right Season. Dr. Vaughn has worked 25 years as a pastor to a parish of 1500 families on Detroit's East side. As a skillful communicator who can negotiate contracts, balance budgets; oversee building projects, create programs for the poor and advocacy for seniors and youth Dr. Vaughn is someone this council needs.

We are talking about someone who has worked in healthcare, theology and education. When you hear her speak you will remember her voice and you will remember to vote for her. Her charisma is mindblowing.

What will she bring to the table.? Try accountability, integrity and trust. Something the Detroit City Council lacks in this day and time.

Have you met my longtime friend Lisa Howze who is one of the most intelligent woman I have ever met? The founder and CEO of Speaking Life Principles she is a Principal speaker and trainer. Her motivational training and development focused on helping people to succeed in both their personal and professional lives using accelerated learning techniques.

Why do we need her techniques on City Council? Her professionalism cannot be matched by the current City Council members. Not to mention she is a Godsend when it comes to issues of finances.

One of the MOST articulate and inspiring people I know is Raphael B. Johnson. He is also running for the Detroit City Council. I have known Raphael for almost 20 years. I have coached him politically, and now he is ready for the big leagues. He has endorsed the Covenant for Detroit platform, a platform that is designed for transformation here in our city.

Why do we need Raphael on the City Council? Here is a man that is well connected to the streets, understand policy and like Dr. Vaughn and Lisa Howze, can motivate citizens to do better.

I knew this woman would elevate her status in due time. She stepped on the political scene in 2005 and Karinda Washington is back for another run. As she preparing to be sworn is as a City of Detroit Entertainment Commissioner on May 13th let us be mindful that she understands economics, touching people and how to move our city forward. She is well connected with various non-profit organizations and has a niche for using her skills to bring people together.

I will stop here for now. This is the preview for who is running for Detroit City Council. Support them, honor them and help them cross the primary finish line on August 4, 2009.

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Expose said...

Corletta Vaughn is not a good example at all of what the Detroit City Council needs as a representative at this time. She stalked a young lady and tried to kill her for standing up to her in a civil way regarding a misunderstanding about a letter the young lady wrote to Corletta asking her for help regarding a very sick pastor, and this was 13 yrs. ago. Corletta uses gangster activity to get her point across when she can't get her way, and she uses this activity behind the backs of innocent people. She does not know how to effectively communicate to get anything done, and she doesn't even know how to pray for anyone. Her gifts are false and she is under FBI investigation regarding her criminal activity. To make a long story short, Corletta Vaughn is seeking this political seat to only advance her own personal gain for power, so that she can get away with carrying out more criminal activity. I have expressed my concerns with many political figures in Detroit and this matter is not only under police investigation, but is also being carefully considered when a decision is made. If this woman is considered, you'll be looking at another Kwame Kilpatrick all over again.