Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Time For a New Era by Akindele Akinyemi

As I often tell urban conservatives the key to success is to read and analyze information. The power of education is based upon one's self-discipline to conquer ignorance. As we prepare to move into the Silver Rights Movement we need to remind ourselves that we should never forget our past.

It is important that urban conservative leadership must be developed for the next generation, just as it is crucial that we build a strong disciplined foundation that will develop this leadership. The problem of the current leadership has always been a vexing one for people in our community. We must break with the old style of civil rights leadership forced upon us by the prevailing class standards or we will fail in our efforts for transformation. Nonetheless, leadership is important and without it we will never triumph in our struggle.

It is past time that intellectuals, professionals, and scholars assumed a more active role in the leadership of the silver rights movement. Our children are watching us. Presently, most Black people live in a sub-culture that manifests itself in the living reality of Black folks' attitudinal and philosophical outlook on life. The self preserving quality of unity is almost totally absent in the Black community. In its place there is an unhealthy atmosphere of individuality which is detrimental and inconsistent with the needs of our people, for it is precisely this thinking that has kept us divided and un-organized for so long. That must change.

We realize that many people in the current leadership in our community have their minds in pawn to the ruling class, we are not primarily addressing ourselves to these particular individuals, but to those individuals who have a relatively high level of awareness (political) and to those intellectuals who are silver rights activists. It is these urban conservatives who must assume new positions of leadership in our plight by helping to build the necessary change apparatus that will forge transformation.

It is these intellectuals who must become the economic, educational and the political leadership
and work in creating a far reaching and effective apparatus. Our work towards urban conservatism and silver rights as a change agent, for it implies the transformation of the whole of American society if it is to succeed, and intellectuals have a clear obligation to this process. We have seen how some people use its intellectuals and institutions of "higher learning to control young adults with a one track way of thinking. Therefore, urban conservatives must utilize our professionals and intellectuals in the total process of liberation and destruction of capitalistic society. It does not make sense for conservatives NOT to complete in K-16 education with ideas. It also does not make any sense for conservatives not to create a positive counterculture not to just attract young people to new things but to become an alternative to Hollywood.

Urban conservatives can supply the silver rights movement with some dynamic leadership who understand financial literacy, financial engineering, urban and regional development and social entrepreneurship. Those true elements of urban conservatism should be focused on by the movement and principally dealt with. The failure of the silver rights movement to put the urban conservative principally against the wall is inexcusable. For if the people are to understand the impotency of our mission this movement as a whole must create conditions that will lead to success.

Therefore, urban conservatives are fully responsible for developing a new dynamic leadership in our community. This leadership will be the students, and young adults who have acquired the basics of professional training but have refused to continue in the same narrow vein as their parents. The crucial element in developing this dynamic potential is the training of this segment of the population. Our youth, students and young fledgling professionals must be educated more, involved in change, and trained in the art of war. Finally,urban conservatives must realize their true potential. For, if we don't, the enemy surely will, and intensify their programs aimed at dehabilitating our young.

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AA, Bring some friends to the tea party July 4.