Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Earth to Black America: Obama is Not Jesus Christ by Akindele Akinyemi

Here is the issue I am having with the Black community who expects President Obama to be Jesus Christ. For starters, he is not God, Allah or Jesus Christ and for all we know he may or may not even acknowledge Christ. But that is not the issue here for this topic.

I am reading various publications from Black voices talking about how President Obama is not speaking at Black colleges, has not addressed the Black Gay and Lesbian community and etc.

Give me a break.

To be honest these issues should not be addressed by President Obama anyway. He was elected to serve the United States of America not the United Black States of America. If we want a Black leader look at yourself in the mirror.

Black people can think for themselves. Whether we call ourselves liberals or conservatives both sides can come up with solutions to address our community needs. There are more than enough faith based and non-profit organizations that can solve the social, economic and moral crisis in the Black community. There are 3500 churches in the City of Detroit. Why are we living in spiritual poverty?

Why are we looking for a pie in the sky to drop out and save us? While some conservatives joke about how Obama is the Messiah again he is not Jesus Christ. Nor is Mayor Dave Bing of Detroit or Cory Booker of Newark, New Jersey.

We have to learn to take some accountability for our own actions not wait for Obama to address them. In fact, I do not even want Obama addressing ANY Black issues. That is OUR responsibility and it is time for Black people to grow up and get out of this political division that we are in. We brag about we are kings and queens but act like thugs and thuggetts.

While Gov. Granholm was waiting for a federal check to try to solve the economic crisis in Michigan we could have been doing something different to stimulate our economy here in Michigan. Every urban community in Michigan should be transformed into a international incubator if business and technology. Blacks in smaller communities like Benton Harbor and Muskegon need to KILL this country mentality TODAY. Go back to school and GET EDUCATED. These communities are part of the solution but if you are 20 years behind Detroit then we have a problem.

The biggest problem is our tax structure in Michigan that drives away businesses. We must change that.

You cannot talk economics unless you talk silver rights. I did not say civil rights. Silver rights is the engine that will move our communities forward in the 21st century. In order for you to talk silver rights you have to teach another generation financial literacy and financial engineering.

Children from K-12 should master these skills as well as graduating from high school with a FOREX account. Most young Americans do not know what the FOREX is. The FOREX is where currency trading takes place. It is where banks and other official institutions facilitate the buying and selling of foreign currencies. Presently, the FOREX market is one of the largest and most liquid financial markets in the world, and includes trading between large banks, central banks, currency speculators, corporations, governments, and other institutions. The average daily volume in the global foreign exchange and related markets is continuously growing. Traditional daily turnover was reported to be over $3.2 trillion in U.S. dollars.

Therefore, we must be able to tap into wealth on many levels.

Detroiters defiantly do not need President Obama to drop crumbs from the sky to save us. We can save ourselves. Like my sister Dr. Dambia Moyo from Zambia is preaching the truth about how 40 years of foreign aid has failed Africa. Detroit has had over 40 years of federal aid and we are seeing worse. Dependency has not created a Renaissance here in Detroit. It's time for radical change.

I have been saying all along that Detroit must become a financial market. The automotive industry is dead here. Detroit is designated as an international city. Therefore, our economy must be diverse. It cannot be connected any longer to the automotive industry.

The economy must be able to allow commerce, trade, import and exports to freely flow in and out the City of Detroit. The Port Authority must be utilized in Detroit and the region. Our support for the Aerotroplis between Metro Airport and Willow Run Airport is paramount. for those who support urban agriculture and green initiatives must begin to partner with universities like the University of Michigan and Michigan State University to create public-private partnerships.

I am shocked and dismayed of buildings in Downtown Detroit that are not being used (including empty skyscrapers). How come we have not made any effort to set up any international relationships where these skyscrapers and buildings could serve as a new economy for the United States. Presently, California and New York represent the domestic economies in the United States. It's time for Detroit to move ahead of Chicago as the mecca of the Midwest.

I wrote a while ago how Detroit must pattern itself after the Four Asian Tigers. The Four Asian Tigers The Four Asian Tigers include, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. All four Asian Tigers have a highly educated and skilled workforce and have specialized in areas where they had a competitive advantage. For example, Hong Kong and Singapore became world leading international financial centers while South Korea and Taiwan became world leaders in information technology. Detroit must lead the way in BOTH in this region. Our Silicon Valley must be placed in the heart of the city (not just Tech Town).

Some have criticized the need for a high speed rail system here in Michigan that will connect Detroit to Chicago. High speed rail is necessary but I would link it to Muskegon and even Mackinac City. All of these areas need growth and development.

In order to do this our educational system must improve. We applaud the efforts of Robert Bobb in trying to change the Detroit Public School system around. But here is another system we need to change around.

Our charter schools.

While charter schools have improved in the past 10 years I am still not convinced that MOST of our charters are moving into a 21st century path through silver rights. The reason why I am saying this is because we have old civil rights educators from the Detroit Public School system taking their old ways to the charter schools and producing the same dismal results. Since we have moved away from the DPS vs charter debates and now must address why our children in both systems are failing.

Are we reminding our children that we are living in a global community and that they must take some ownership in their academics? Are we reminding our Historically Black Colleges and Universities that they too play a role in preparing us for the silver rights movement? How many HBCUs have adopted schools here in Detroit to partner and cultivate?

While,the academic performance of White students is grossly inferior, the performance of both Black and Latino students is a national disgrace. McKinsey & Company, in releasing its report "The Economic Impact of the Achievement Gap in America's Schools" show how on average, Black and Latino students are roughly two to three years of learning behind White students of the same age. The racial gap exists regardless of how it is measured, including both achievement (e.g., test score) and attainment (e.g., graduation rate) measures.

Taking the average National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) scores for math and reading across the fourth and eighth grades, for example, 48 percent of Blacks and 43 percent of Latinos are 'below basic,' while only 17 percent of Whites are, and this gap exists in every state. A more pronounced racial achievement gap exists in most large urban school districts.

The financial market will not exist if the educational system is not intact. The educational system will not exist if the family does not exist in our community.

We are responsible for our destiny not President Obama. To heavily rely on Obama as if he is a Master Card or Visa or some Black genie from a bottle answering your wishes is useless and baseless. We must build dignity among our own people whether we are Democrats or Republicans. We can agree to disagree. However, if we are not about building institutions to leave a legacy for our children we will fall into the trap of dividing our community and someone else conquering it.

Black folk are the only race of people in America that only talks to one political party, and it doesn't seem to me to make much sense. Latinos, Asians, Indians, Jewish, Arab and of course our White friends, all talk to everyone, particularly when it speaks to their interests, ...but not Black people. We often get hung up on emotions, about whether we like someone or not, when in reality business, economics and interests (both private and societal in nature) run this nation. It simply makes no logical sense, but we keep doing it. Even the definition of insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, yet expecting a different outcome.

Allow me to say this. You will never move Detroit into a 21st century community with a practice like this. Period. Democrats who blame Republicans for the downfall of Detroit is ludicrous and ignorant.

At the same time my GOP colleagues must start digging deeper on why the Black community is in the condition its in. While the Great Society programs of the 60s played a role in the destruction of our community you often forget about the effects of the Vietnam War and how Black men were drafted into a war that we could not win. Those same Black men came back mentally ill and physically challenged. Some came back to no jobs and sold drugs and were murdered on the streets leaving their wives behind with small children to raise.

I rarely hear that side of the story from my own party. I know I never hear this story either what I am getting ready to say.

The Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male (also known as the Tuskegee Experiment) lasted from 1932-1972. Investigators recruited 399 poor, mostly illiterate Black sharecroppers with syphilis for research related to the natural progression of the untreated disease. By 1947 penicillin had become the standard treatment for syphilis. Rather than treat all syphilitic subjects and close the study, or split off a control group for testing penicillin, the Tuskegee scientists continued the study, withholding penicillin and information about it. Participants were prevented from accessing syphilis treatment programs available to others in the area. The study continued until 1972, when a leak to the press resulted in its termination. Victims included numerous men who died of syphilis, wives who contracted the disease from them, and children born with congenital syphilis.

The issues are deeper than sound bites you hear from Rush Limbaugh on why the Black community is in the condition it is in. This is why urban conservatives must ALWAYS be educated on the issues globally. To not know geography in a global market means you will be left behind.

Learn to play the policy game not the politics. We should be talking to anyone sitting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Period. I didn't say love them, I said "talk to them." We can disagree without being disagreeable. This shows integrity on your part.

If you place your faith in President Obama by worshipping him as well as being an apologist for him (as if he cannot be wrong or make mistakes or take the wrong positions) you are setting yourself up for failure. Pray for the President and his family as if you were praying for your own family.

We are LEADERS in our own right. Detroit and the rest of urban America will change when we stop hanging in the street, start listening to our spouses and practice what we preach. It will change when we focus on the silver rights of the day and not the civil rights/Black Power of yesterday.


Ken said...

I agree wholeheartedly. For Detroit to improve, Detroiters have to step up and lead with vision. I hope that's what we all see, and soon.

E-roc said...

I agree with you, people have to remember white people voted for Obama too, not just blacks. He is the leader of our country not a certain ethnic group.

E-Roc said...

I as a white man decided to vote for Obama because obviously this country needs a leader that knows what the fuck hes doing and George W. couldn't seem to remove his head from his ass.