We need to meet the quality food demands of the city’s decreasing population. We also need to accelerate and turning open space into incubators of food production. Our goal of course is always eradicate extreme poverty and hunger in the City of Detroit.

The regional approach to biotechnology and biosafety policy in Detroit is never discussed. We must place pressure on the debate to create gene technology for food security and agriculture. Our people are not to blame; it is the policy makers and the scientists at large who have to take the blame for the inconclusive debates on this subject. Considering the emerging development in modern biotechnology harmonization of biotechnology and biosafety policies is critical to mitigate potential impacts on food security in Detroit.

What I am seeking from those who are running for Detroit City Council is a new way to create innovation and economic revenue in Detroit. I recently discussed the need for transform open space in Detroit into research parks and facilities that will bring in new IT jobs and services. Biotechnology is no different. A bio-safety roadmap must be developed to support harmonization of biotechnology and bio-safety policies in Detroit.

For some time now, the rising cost of food all over the world has taken households, governments and the media by storm. The world food crisis is hurting a lot of people, especially those who cannot feed themselves or have been cut off by state aid for food (bridge card). There is a need to increase productivity and diversify food crop varieties among farmers in Detroit through urban agriculture and biotechnology.

With the exception and care in Bio-pharming technologies that may compete with the priorities for increasing food production and food security; the rejection of the patenting of all life forms, and positive engagement at national and regional levels with stakeholders and partners, we should make a 20-year Vision for Biotechnology consistent with our local and state priorities; among which is the need to employ all city measures to make this work. It is our collective responsibility to provide support as required to ensure that all is done to support the City of Detroit for in developing these strategies.