Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Detroit City Council Profiles: Sisters On A Mission by Akindele Akinyemi

While I support Dr. Corletta J. Vaughn and Raphael Johnson for Detroit City Council in the upcoming primaries there are three new people who support the silver rights movement who I have been in contact with and are impressed with. One of the candidates is someone who I have known for years and the other two are newcomers.

Lisa L. Howze leads the top of this silver rights list. As the only Certified Public Accountant running in this race, Howze is NEEDED on this City Council because her expertise in finance is critical to the advancement of our city. I have known Lisa Howze since Genesis 1:1 and her character is unflawed, she has a keen eye on solving fiscal matters, and understands that we cannot continue to do business as usual.

One of the things I am watching in this race is how many candidates will discuss connecting Detroit with the rest of the global market. I have said for many years that diversifying our economy will be the future of Detroit by way of creating a new financial market that will help bring both small and global businesses to the forefront. However, in order to do this we need to understand that in the 21st century, a century marked in many ways by an economic era, and in the backdrop of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and the first global economic crisis, financial literacy must become a new civil rights issue and the first global silver rights issue of our generation.

Lisa Howze understands this and while most people have not endorsed her (she did receive the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press endorsements) she is clearly the candidate to beat.

Shantel Bell
is another silver right candidate who is running for Detroit City Council. She too, understands the fact that this economic crisis in Detroit is as much or more a crisis of virtues and values as it is about economics. Capitalism and free enterprise was and is not in evil, but rather it is the greed, and the abuse of legitimate capitalism and free enterprise that is the problem. A focus on the me, rather than the "we" of life. Bell understands that we need a new idea, and good capitalism that actually empowers people at all levels of our society.

She understands that we must finally make free enterprise and capitalism relevant to the poor, the underserved and even the middle class, and we must make it work for them too.

Darlita Jones is the global silver right candidate for Detroit City Council. She has been in candidate forums discussing how Detroit must compete globally, how people here must become global citizens through empowering our neighborhood, pushing for quality and accountability in City Government and revitalizing our industry.

Armed with a Master of Arts in Counseling & Human Development with a specialization in Educational Psychology from Clark Atlanta University Darlita is up for the challenge. She is an activist who has organized, mobilized and coordinated numerous community activities. Her background and professional profile range work with grassroots, private/public sector, non-profit organizations, community and international development.

But one thing that caught my attention was her position on using our waterways for commerce and development. Darlita, like Shantel Bell and Lisa Howze, discussed bringing in additional revenue to the City of Detroit by way of the Port Authority. And her position on utilizing urban agriculture by way of bringing an MSU Experiment Station to Detroit is something I have been discussing for a long time with my colleagues.

And while we are speaking on the economy this woman certainly will bring a different light to the economy here in Detroit. Karinda Washington, who ran for Detroit City Council in 2005, is running again. While Karinda for the last five years has been working on property tax foreclosure prevention she has been a leader in her own right. She currently sits on the Detroit Entertainment Commission and will bring another economy to full bloom called cultural arts. The cultural arts community has been ignored in this city. Part of this issue is leadership. Karinda brings a level of leadership that will create a new life, liberty and pursuit of happiness that has been lost here in the City of Detroit.

She will work earnestly to provide assistance to organizations with a goal of stabilizing Detroit’s neighborhoods by working with CDCs and social service nonprofit agencies. Karinda understands that these have been the sustaining force of the city of Detroit’s viability.

Karinda also want to establish a realistic plan for supporting small business owners in the areas of the community redevelopment, city services, property tax incentives, and security.

The argument in the streets is we need more men. Yes, that is true but all of the women running for Detroit City Council are not ignorant like Monica Conyers, not clueless like Martha Reeves, or out the box like JoAnn Watson. These sisters are global in their perspective, understands how to bring revenue to the city and are ready to transform Detroit into a powerhouse.


Nowlin 4 Detroit City Council Supporter said...

You should consider Dr. Kim Logan Nowlin for Detroit City Council to your list. Dr. Kim Logan-Nowlin is a native Detroiter who is an experienced professional, business owner, educator, community organizer who does not lack integrity.You can check her out for yourself at So truly consider Dr. Kim Logan-Nowlin "The Candidate with No Slogan."

Akindele F. Akinyemi said...

Hey Supporter:

I have actually spoken to Dr. Nowlin. One thing I found out about her in our conversation is the fact that she is a 7th Day Adventist. So is my mother.

Her background is great.