Friday, July 03, 2009

The Right Spirit for the Right Season by Akindele Akinyemi

Everyone is buzzing about Dr. Coreletta J. Vaughn who is running for Detroit City Council. If Detroit needed the right spirit for the right season this is the time now.

Did I say right spirit for the right season?

Dr. Vaughn, the Presiding Bishop of the Go Tell It Ministries Worldwide, has spent a lot of time over the past three decades talking one-on-one with Detroit residents – from prominent community leaders, to business owners and schoolteachers, to the homeless and low-wage workers.

It's evident, that Detroit is in a crisis; in a desperate state of emergency for change. For too long our political leaders have played on our fears and exploited our differences for their own personal and partisan gain.

They have waged wars in the name of peace;
Spewed hatred and bigotry in the name of love (and sometimes color);
Slashed critical services for the poor and the infirm in the name of compassion;

When Dr. Vaughn speaks with concerned citizens, the agreement is that we need change of spirit.

Citizens see taxpayer dollars being used for questionable purposes, and wish for greater fiscal responsibility and transparency in government.

We see poverty, and wish to expand opportunities for people to become self-sufficient.

Detroiters see their children getting frustrated in school and losing hope in life, and wish to provide them a better future.

They see important decisions being made with too little input from the citizens who will be affected by those decisions, and wish for more openness and participation in the decision-making process.

It's tempting sometimes to just resign ourselves to the idea that there's little we can do to change the way things are. But if we don't work towards and demand change, who will? It's time to take our destiny, our future into our own hands. We can no longer depend upon the status quo.

Detroit has been run by civil rights/black power advocates for too long. They have given the citizens of Detroit rights, but not access. It's time for us to cancel their agendas and take a seat at their council meetings with the message that enough is enough.

This is why Dr. Vaughn is running for City Council. She is a change agent that is needed to balance out the equation.

The argument that spiritual leaders in our community cannot lead in an elected position is false. Can we say Rev. Nick Hood, Bishop Keith Butler and others who have served on the Detroit City Council in the past? With the rapid decline of our family, our faith and in many cases our future we need a spiritual light at the end of the tunnel.

I strongly believe that Dr. Vaughn can bring a sense of hope back into the community. Her church, the Holy Ghost Cathedral of Faith near Poletown on the east side of Detroit, has demonstrated over time that through faith and determination all things are possible.

Dr. Vaughn's commitment to human services to the community has expanded over three decades and she is showing no sign of slowing down.

For quite some time I have stated that the faith based, government and non-profit communities must work together to create new opportunities and generate new industries in Detroit. Dr. Vaughn simply calls it "marrying government with non-profits" to generate jobs. She calls for a philosophical shift in ideology to come on board with this new innovative way of thinking. We simply cannot keep doing things the same way.

But she cannot do this by herself.

I am calling on those who would like to see the City of Detroit move into the 21st century to join in our Right Spirit Right Season movement. We simply call this movement the Vaughn Revolution. We are needed on this battlefield and if you do not think fighting to save our families, our health, our jobs, our industries, and our God is worth fighting for then you might want to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself what spirit is holding you back from doing what is right.

Dr. Vaughn is my TOP candidate for Detroit City Council. She should be yours as well. This is the right time for change. This is the right time to for the right spirit for the right season.

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