Thursday, September 03, 2009

Are You In? by Akindele Akinyemi

I was at the Detroit Public School back to school rally with Robert Bobb and Bill Cosby. The theme of the school district "I'm In" rang throughout the auditorium of Henry Ford High School. The energy was positive and of course Dr. Cosby always telling it like it is to our parents.

But, just like any other entity, change will not come from Dr. Cobsy or Robert Bobb. It has to come from the parents and community.

Who allowed our community to die in the last 30 years and have allowed crack to enter our doorsteps. Today, our women are giving birth to drug addicted children who have a wide range of problems from ADHD to violent behaviors. These children will grown up and in return give birth to another generation of children.

At some point we need to fully understand that the village concept of raising a child does not exist as long as your village is compromised with drugs and disease. Something else needs to take place.

What should take place is the changing the culture of our future. You cannot do that with federal money or improving state benchmarks. You have to create a revolution based on core conservative principles that has kept our families intact. Have you ever sat down and talked to a couple in the community who has been married over 50 years? What is the secret to relationship building in our community?

Urban conservatives should not allow distractions such as the health care debate to get to them when we have our own health care crisis in our community. Our health care crisis is the lack of marriages, relationships, eradicating drugs, stopping the flow of sexually transmitted diseases and other mental health related issues that we must find solutions for before we usher in a new generation of death.

If you want to change the condition of the school district change the culture of the community first. That's how you "get in". Otherwise, you are wasting time.

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I just wanted to drop in a quick note, and say that I enjoy your posts. Keep up the good work!