Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Disgraceful by Akindele Akinyemi

Mayor Dave Bing thanks supporters gathered at the Doubletree Guest Suites Fort Shelby on Tuesday night after winning re-election.
Mayor Dave Bing will continue moving Detroit into the 21st century after he defeated disgraceful challenger Tom Barrow 58-42%. This is good coming from those unions who endorsed Barrow in hopes of using fear tactics to scare undecided voters away from Bing. Mayor Bing is the best person at this point to lead the City of Detroit and unite a region that lacks cooperation because of those people like Barrow.

However, Detroit lost on the City Council elections. Once again, adult illiteracy killed any real change on City Council.

Charles Pugh, the former Fox 2 anchor and radio host, will become the new Detroit City Council President. While social conservatives in Michigan are vomiting and are asking Detroiters how can the city elect an openly gay person to lead the City Council they have no one to blame but themselves on this one. Most churches in our city are compromised and are already ran by homosexuals so why the big surprise?

My concern about Pugh is the fact that he lacks public policy positions, however, that will quickly change thanks to groups that support a cool city concept of what Detroit should look like.

Gary Brown
Gary Brown is questionable. Brown with 80,698 votes. Not only he will receive money from his lawsuit from the city but he will also receive a salary as well.

Saunteel Jenkins
Saunteel Jenkins rode the ghost of the dead (Maryann Mahaffey) into victory. How amazing. Congrats.

Ken Cockrel
Ken Cockrel got back in thanks to our senior citizens.

Brenda Jones
Brenda Jones returns to the City Council.

Andre Spivey
Andre Spivey, one of my two global silver rights candidates, did make it to the council. He will  help reshape the policies of our city.

James Tate
James Tate, another global and regional candidate, also made it to council.

Kwame Kenyatta
Kwame Kenyatta should have NOT made it to the City Council in my opinion.

But the Biggest and major crisis and immediate downfall of the evening was JoAnn Waston winning.

JoAnn Watson
 She defeated Lisa Howze 54,602 to 48,414.

I have no damn faith in this city. You mean to tell me that we would rather re-elect a woman, who looks like someone on a pancake box, who lies about how she has a doctorate degree, who is a fake ass black nationalist and is a real time socialist over an educated black woman with a MFA degree in finance and can actually contribute to balancing the city's budget?

This is a serious offense to me on a personal level. Yes, while I felt that Fred Eliott Hall and Raphael Johnson should have made the cut not placing Lisa Howze on the Detroit City Council is not only a grave and serious mistake but it should be highly offensive to ANY intelligent human being. We would rather re-elect someone who is anti-regional cooperation, fans the fear of lies and deception towards those who are uneducated, and has no respect for other human beings than elect someone who was ready, willing and able to go to work on day one.

When I saw Carol Weaver lose to Jimmy Womack in last year's State Representative races I was blown away but not offended. When I saw Carol Banks lose to anti-charter school incumbent Bettie Cook-Scott I was not offended. For JoAnn Watson to get the ninth spot over Lisa Howze is absolutely ridiculous and if Detroit is serious about regional cooperation then we need to take a look at censoring Watson. She played on the fear of the illiterate people in this city and should not be taken seriously.

And I am not stopping there. These slates who did not endorse Lisa Howze (Fannie Lou Hamer, etc.) should not be taken seriously either. In fact, they are the part of the problem of why Detroit is in the condition its in. Instead of actually educating voters on why we should elect JoAnn Watson or Charles Pugh we give them a debate/candidate forum that is poorly attended due to the lack of advertising, and continue to keep people in the dark. These slates and churches are seriously compromised, they have no faith in God and are agents of the Devil.

The Charter Commission was a disaster. We elected Reggie Reg Davis and John Johnson to the charter commission over Tonya Myers-Phillips. While Jenice Mitchell Ford, Ken Harris and  Ken Coleman made it how could voters NOT vote for  Myers-Phillips, Olumba John Olumba or even get this...Patty Fedewa (who I did not even support but respected her work). Again, another BLUNDER in Detroit politics.

Tonya Myers-Phillips is the BEST, INTELLIGENT and PRECISE candidate who should have been seated to charter commission. Like Lisa Howze, Myers-Phillips came in 10th Place. Moreover, I was offended that the Michigan Chronicle did not even endorse her. They will never get a subscription from me and I am urging others NOT to support a paper who would supported Reggie Reg Davis, a Radio One DJ who ran on a anti-youth violence platform, over Tonya Myers-Phillips, an attorney who has ALREADY worked on the Detroit City Charter during the Kilpatrick scandal.

Going back to Carol Banks for a second, I must give her props for winning a seat on the Detroit School Board. But Lamar Lemmons also won a seat and Reverend David Murray RETURNED to the school board.,-At-Large.jpg

Reverend David Murray, a Detroit School Board member and leader of a church of 10 people, lost custody of his four children after allegations of abuse, neglect and domestic violence surfaced. Yet, we re-elected a child abuser back on school board.

If you do not believe that we need Wayne RESA to run Detroit Public Schools then you are living in a fantasy.

A recap of events that went on last night.

1. Detroit elects its first openly gay City Council member as President of the Council (Charles Pugh).

2. Detroit elects a hero for bringing down Kwame Kilpatrick to become Council President Pro-Tem (Gary Brown).

3. All I need to do is raise the dead and ride the ghost of a woman to victory (Saunteel Jenkins).

4. If I continue to fight a mythological war between the Suburbs and Detroit and keep everything pro-black then I can get re-elected (JoAnn Watson).

5. I can walk away from my house, not take any personal responsibility and STILL get re-elected to City Council (Kwame Kenyatta).

6. Damn, if I beat my wife, or my wife beat me, get called Shrek and stay arrogant I can get 4th place on City Council (Ken Cockrel).

7. Let's see, I cannot read, write, and comprehend information which means as a professional I do not know what is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) even though the city is facing a $720 million deficit in the next 2 years but I cannot vote for LISA HOWZE because she is simply too intelligent for me. I would rather give the last seat to JoAnn Watson, who looks like someone one a pancake box.

8. I did not vote for Raphael Johnson because he committed murder. But I support candidates who kill babies in the womb of the woman.

9. Fred Elliott Hall scares me about regional cooperation so I did not vote for him because I do not want to give away the city's jewels.

10. I did not vote for Tonya Myers-Phillips because Reggie Reg Davis has more knowledge about the charter commission than Tonya.

11. I was duped into voting for Proposal S.

Yes, Detroit we did it again. Made our city look like an ass all over again. Nothing will ever change in this hell. Maybe bankruptcy is our only option to change Detroit.

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