Friday, March 26, 2010

The Need for Intrapreneurial Development in Urban America

Urban America suffers from poverty caused by both negative publicity and actions that scare away potential investors to our community. Urban America poverty is also due to bad policies that restrict people in the community from opening the doors of innovation amongst ourselves. Many urban communities in America have a civil rights mindset that restricted silver rights entrepreneurship while local urban governments have criminalized or penalized local entrepreneurship by passing strict, unproductive and unfriendly business practices. For example,Detroit's business climate is non-existent, contracts are difficult gain due to inefficient governmental policies.

High level corruption in our community is fueled by an ineffective government and the private sector. Corruption in urban America is not an individual issue; it is a process, a systematic issue that can only be addressed by discouraging the incentive behind it. Part of the incentive is in the mentality of the people who have the willingness to bank all the stolen money from our community. The begging bowl approach by the civil rights leadership fuels this vice because they approach the bargaining table from the point of weakness and not strength. Does cities like Detroit need rock stars and to fix these problems? Absolutely not.

First of all urban America must recognize that we are not a poor community. Urban America is rich in wealth. With over $1 trillion in buying power Blacks alone can feed the whole community and export the surplus to countries globally. This community has a huge market of millions of people struggling in poverty simply because their lack of understanding to make it difficult to enact a uniform business oriented policy that will make it easy for entrepreneurs to spring up and address the demands of this market. Domestically and globally both Black American and African potential of the women and youth is yet to be tapped on another level. Part of this restriction comes from illiteracy. Our global community offers a huge potential to problem solvers but as long as we continue to fight against one another and not find the common ground that is needed we will never solve the issues we need to handle.

Therefore, urban conservatives must take the lead in innovation and developing new ideas to help eradicate poverty. We know quality education plays a role in eradicating poverty but intrapreneurship is also needed in urban communities. Black conservatives preach about the need for entrepreneurship but rarely discuss intrapreneurship.

Intrapreneurship is basically having a spirit of enterprise within an organization – and it means that you’re taking initiatives and taking your job as you’re running your own business. This means you act in the best interests of the organization. In the eyes of the community we can take this concept and utilize this in a organizational manner.

For example, we want to help the community in which we are trying to serve increase their profitability (businesses), to reduce the costs of their operations (by downsizing), to maybe spearhead or create activities, leads or launches that will really add to the bottom-line of the community.

Every organization in a community or local municipality will value intrapreneurs because at any point in time, if there’s a retrenchment exercise, who are the people they’ll get rid of? The dead-weight. The people who are just doing what they’re told. But intrapreneurs are people who are continuously looking for ways to create value for the organization that will in return help the community. These people will be more valuable and you’ll be the last to be affected in the downturn.

There is a need to promote both entrepreneurship that will lead to intrapreneurship. Entrepreneurship is someone who brings resources, such as land, labor, materials, and combine them to enhance their value through various transformation method while they also bring about change, engender innovation and introduce new ideas and orders. Entrepreneurial process is a major factor in economic development and the entrepreneur is the key to economic growth.

We use intrapreneurship in urban communities by utilizing a process to seek entities such as faith based/non-profits and private businesses to utilize, maintain or retain the edge in innovation and profit-making by asking employees to spawn businesses within the business. Most of these people are given free rein to run a particular aspect of the company, perhaps a new product line or subsidiary.

Entrepreneurs builds something from the ground up while intrapreneurs build something new within an establishment. Both are needed to help eradicate poverty in our communities.

We can take the same synergy into educational entrepreneurship and other business/economic models that will help eradicate poverty and other negative effects in our community.

Therefore, urban America and its cities can make poverty history by owning the problem. What urban people need to recognize is the fact that economies do not grow by one addressing only the demands of their community. Urban investors must look beyond the horizon. Leadership should facilitate the local investors’ ability to expand by recreating policies to enable our community to invest globally. More emphasis must be placed on the educational and business climate in the urban communities, and efforts made to increase security for those who live in cities like Detroit and Philadelphia.

By promoting intrapreneurship in our community, urban America will be able to take care of the health of their citizens, improve our infrastructure and provide public-private services to its citizens.

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Unknown said...

This is an extremely important fact that you mention in this article. The plight of the inner city areas can be solved from within, instead of depending on other entities to solve problems for us. Sure, there may be certain times when government was needed to implement programs into poverty stricken areas. But we are at the point in time when the wealthy of the urban and inner city areas need to step forward and provide for these areas. The question is, will the wealthy of the inner city ever step forward?